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[GAME] Fancy Tower Defense

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by FloHub, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    [App-Name] Fancy Tower Defense or Fancy Tower Defense Lite
    [Language] English
    [Size] ~1.6MB
    [Limitations] None, even runs on Android 1.5

    Here comes my first tower defense game for android. It's focused on the strategical part that is IMHO missing in most td games in the market. So what does the game offer?
    * pretty big variety of towers with different strengths (specials, splash-damage etc.)
    * towers with magic spell casting abilities (e.g. ice, poison, armor-reduction)
    * passive towers casting auras, making other towers even stronger
    * fusion of towers
    * interest on your money at the end of each round
    * upgradeable interest rate
    * ...

    Combine towers wisely to beat the game!
    No annoying in-app payment, no ads and no suspect permissions needed... just playing and having fun! Have a look. Constructive criticism is welcome - and of course praise is too! :)






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  2. Andi80

    Andi80 Lurker

    hey FloHub,

    thanks for the nice TD ... i actually really like those different tactical elements like spells, auras and upgrading-income. Pretty cool special-abilities of the towers and some nice tower graphics too.
    In my opinion you could do some work to the ground-graphics. they are kind of boring.

  3. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks andi... atm i'm thinking about adding another tactical part to game. I want to add slates on the ground to the game with special abilities. they can only be built on the path and could do some trap-magic ;-)

    Sorry for the bad ground graphics.... i didn't spend that much time on them so far. I'll try to update them in one of the next releases.

  4. asdfka

    asdfka Lurker

    nice game! lov TD...
  5. TDFreak

    TDFreak Lurker

    really cool TD, although i lost all my gold to gambling ;-)

    very intuitive UI too...

    @FloHub: i love tha slate-idea... when do you think will this feature be available?

  6. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I already started to work on it, but give me some weeks ;-)

    First idea was to create some kind of BlackHole-Slate which teleports monsters back on the path for a certain distance...

    if you have good ideas for other slates just let me know... think i will open another thread asking for slate-ideas

  7. ostap2

    ostap2 Lurker

    good game!
  8. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    things are getting closer...

    here is a preview of the first slate to be added to the game... inferno-slate!

  9. TDFreak

    TDFreak Lurker

    looks good... go go go! ;-)
  10. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just released the new version of fancy tower defense to the play store...

    * NEW FEATURE: first 2 slates added to the game (inferno and blackhole)
    * redesign of background-gfx
    * some changes to the UI
    * some bugfixes
    * some changes to the game balance

    check it out!

  11. TDFreak

    TDFreak Lurker

    Just tried the new version... first map looks way better!
    Those traps are pretty cool... thanks for implementing the blackhole idea!

    What's next? :smokingsomb:
  12. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Next slate is already on its way... claymore-mine!

    stay tuned!
  13. TDFreak

    TDFreak Lurker

    will it be one-shot only or just like a normal tower?
  14. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    one shot only.... but this shot causes huge damage in a pretty large area

    should be up and running the next week
  15. TDFreak

    TDFreak Lurker

    Works good... nice animation for the explosion... you seem to be improving your graphic-skills :D
  16. OMGBrewmaster

    OMGBrewmaster Lurker

    That background really improves the overall look of the game. There's one easy thing you could do to make it way better -- shadows.

    Your towers all have pretty much the same shape, so it should be very easy to make one blurry, partially-alpha-transparent ellipse sprite that points down-rightwards, and then draw it on the screen behind each tower.
  17. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    good idea... i will try that out...

    btw: a new update will be released within the next days, adding sound to all these little towers and slates!
  18. brystel

    brystel Lurker

    Great! ;) nice app
  19. FloHub

    FloHub Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Now with sound-effects...

    Have a look!

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