Jul 4, 2013
Hi! It is my first game to the android. I hope that you will get to like it!
Are you bored during your holiday trip?
Would you like to do something interesting during dreary lesson?
Or would you like to have some fun with your friend while waiting for the bus?
This game is made just for you! You may never outplay Messi or Ronaldo in football, but you can beat them in FiveBalls!
Simple but very addictive gameplay is the reason why you and your friends will never get bored with each other.
A puzzle game that combines two into one - you will develop your logical thinking ability while having a great fun!
Endless challenge - game is too easy for you? You have over 7 billions of difficulty levels to choose!
Every match is something new and unexpected!
Put 5 balls in the line - vertically, horizontally or diagonally and reach the goal before your opponent.
Suprise your foe - rotate the board by 90 degrees, which gives you additional opportunities to win!
Truly revolutionary gameplay designed just for you! Try it now!
Online and bluetooth mode available in the future!
Game inspired by "Pentago"