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[GAME][FREE][2.0+] Speedboat Santa - fun side scroller

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by decisiontreeg, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Hello people we launched a Free Christmas special side scroller recently called Speedboat Santa. Here are the details.

    Game : Speedboat Santa
    Download Link:
    Google Play
    Qr Code:

    Its Christmas and have fun with this Addictive Side Scroller.

    Santa lost his gifts in the ocean and now he is going over the ocean to get the gifts back on a Speedboat. But there are mines, sharks and well, evil oysters trying to stop him. Santa understands the need for speed so he speeds speedboat over time along with powerups hid in the ocean to aid his effort. Beat your score and compete with others.

    Gameplay Video:


    Here is link of our website for more updates : RotatingCanvas
    Game Fb Page: Speedboat Santa

    Any feedback/suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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