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Hi all!

Amber Eagle Studios finished development on Sly the Fly! In the game you'll help Sly evade and escape the wasps. Guide Sly by rotating your phone, pick up power-ups along the way and free imprisoned flies. Features 30 unique levels plus infinity mode where only a good highscore counts!

In more detail:
Sly the Fly is an addictive game using the possibility to control a game character by rotation of the phone. On an endless escape from evil wasps, Sly has to wind his way through hordes of relentless enemies. Along the way, Sly must pick up yellow flowers to keep himself up in the air. Other powerups allow him to speed up, to get angry or to become invincible. Many a fly has been caught by the wasps, and Sly will have to rescue them to become evermore stronger.

- 30 unique, speedy levels
- Infinity mode where only a good highscore counts
- Different superpowers
- Collectible items
- A refreshingly simple and beautiful world
- Regular free updates

Some impressions:

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Sly the Fly on Youtube

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Sly the Fly on Google Play

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Hello guys!

We released an update for Sly the Fly today.

What has changed:
- Decreased overall difficulty
- Added sensitivity control (mainly for older devices with slow accelerometers)
- Resolved several minor bugs

For all those who want more details, check out the Amber Eagle Studios Blog.

Thank you!