[GAME][FREE] Color Change Switch


Fun and challenging puzzle game colors.
Touch the screen gently through each obstacle, the ball changes color at every level.
You must follow the pattern of color in every obstacle to continue.
Be careful not to go down the wrong color.
Avoid colliding with objects of different colors and moves at the right time.
To cross the obstacle, the color of the ball must be the same as the color of the obstacle. If the colors do not match those who try to cross, the game will end.
Challenge your friends in this simple one-touch game in the leaderboards.
An easy game to play but difficult to master.
Its fun, addictive and colors will start playing again and again.
Game features:
◉ More than 60 levels.
◉ physics in real time.
◉ perfectly designed levels.
◉ Unlimited play.
◉ Simple and addictive.
◉ Share high scores.
◉ Ranking online.
◉ Mode simple and addictive game.
◉ Puzzles, action and more.

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