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[GAME][FREE] Magic Stone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by soy_ismael, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. soy_ismael

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    Hi, I relased new game:


    This is my second game released

    Story: Your kingdom has been ravaged and enslaved by the evil sorcerer Dark Death. Destroy all the seals around your kingdom with the power of the Magic Stones and deliver us from the curse.

    How to play: You must solve the puzzle in each level putting the Magic Stones following the instructions of numbers color in each row and column.
    Discover the combination to destroy every magic seal.

    It has two game modes: Story (38 levels) and Survivor (infinite levels)

    Search in Google Play: Magic Stone (Bus Stop Game)

    Please try my puzzle game and leave feedback (comments and improvements)


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  2. soy_ismael

    soy_ismael Lurker
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    Update 1.1:
    Fixed bugs (exit button and others) and other graphical improvements.

    Uploaded to GetJar:
    GetJar Mobile


    App it! Service

    hope you like!:D

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