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[GAME][FREE]Puzzles for kids - Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by droopy64, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. droopy64

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    Hi Android Fans :) !
    I’m extremely happy to show you my new game for kids :)
    As the name says it’s Puzzle game for kids, jigsaw like:
    Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

    Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles Features:
    ★ 83 Jigsaw Puzzles and at least 10 of them are free
    ★ Puzzles categories: animals, fairy tales, for boys, for girls, kids, dinosaurs, princess, farm, vacation
    ★ Different levels of difficulty: from 6 up to 49 pieces puzzles
    ★ Secure in-app purchases (simple math lock)
    ★ Buying any category will turn off all ads.


    As always all comments and suggestions are welcome and can help up to make this app better and better.

    You can download our app from Google Play:

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