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[Game][Kids] Memory Game Play and learn how to spell words

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nabil36, Aug 20, 2018.

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    This memory game was made by parents of little kids, we are aware that simple game design with rich content are one of the best solution for easy learning.

    The principle is quite simple, you open the game, you see themes, you choose one of them and the game starts, with a background music, beautiful images, and sound effects.

    When your kid matches two cards, he can click on it to see and hear the spelling and read the text, this make three informations linked together : the word, the image, the sound.

    The game contains until now 6 themes :
    - Animals
    - Jobs
    - Numbers
    - Fruits and vegetables
    - Sports
    - Transport

    More are coming, just the time to choose a good theme and then prepare the graphics and the audios files.

    Product features of the memory game :
    - Easy to use
    - 2 game modes : play and learn
    - Simple and Beautiful design
    - Awesome graphics
    - Game in two languages ( english and french )
    - Hear and read the word with seeing it's picture to make easily a link.
    - 6 themes embedded
    - 5 levels to not make the game too complicated
    - More themes are coming

    We want to help our kids to learn quickly and efficiently many words with the exact spelling, this is from where the idea of this game was born.

    This memory game contains ads, just to help us maintaining our hosted server and buy stuff like images and word audio speller.

    If you have any suggestions about features or themes, don't hesitate to contact us.

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