[GAME] Minesweeper: Unlimited!


Ok, now here you are and asking me if there are not enough minesweeper games around the planet - i say no, mine is the best and that's the end of it :) just kidding (but it is..).


First of all, this Minesweeper Game runs on a hexagonal Layout (as you can see) - nothing really new so far (but i really love hexagons, can't tell why) but this is not ordinary Minesweeper, no it's unlimited Minesweeper - and that's what it is: unlimited! You can have every board size you wish .. or as much as your memory can hold to be honest. I admit at the moment it is capped with a maximum of 9999x9999 fields, which is enormous huge.

Here you can see a small video of the game in action:

MineSweeper unlimited! (android) - YouTube



You can scroll, you can zoom (pinch to zoom) and it has Fast Reveal:

If you flaged all bombs around a Number field - just tap the number field and it reveals the adjacent pieces - (like minesweepers know) - so you can just enjoy the game.

There is a free Version available:

It's the whole game, but without autosave (or save at all) and without highscores. No Ads at the moment (because it's xmas) but maybe I will Ads later .. don't know at the moment. (I need food and so, you know :) )

And there is the full version - which is supposed to support the developer (me) - it has autosave on close/pause and stores local highscores for each board you play.

I wanted to add a global highscore system, but i am not sure what to take, maybe i make one myself or I will implement .. scoreloop maybe? I am just concerned about permissions, I dont want to spoil the gameplay by implementing features which turns the players off :) But i have to say, that - say scoreloop - truly will have some marketing benefit .. What do you think about it?

Please try my newest game and let me know what you think. The game is ready for all android devices (>G2) and all screen resolutions - it should perform well, because even in the emulator(!!) it is playable.

PS: I haven't found out if "Minesweeper" is truly a trademark or not .. really, I have no idea .. hopefully noone will sue me (here on my little island) ..