[GAME] NEEKO - your interactive monster friend



We, at Fraoula, would like to let you know that our new game is available on Google Play for $1.99
It features an interactive 3D monster character called Neeko.

Announcement Trailer:
Neeko and friends game trailer - YouTube


At it's heart, Neeko belongs in a hide&seek or hidden object game genre. But instead of searching the environment, players have to find the little bugs that are hidden all over Neeko's body in 3D. To find them all, you'll have to look under his arms and toes, stretch his lips and eyelids or play with his hair. That's only half of the job though, as the bugs will try to escape as soon as they're found. Try to catch them before they fly away.

As a bonus, Neeko features a color-matching mini-game where players trade the bugs they've caught for coins. With enough coins, players can unlock 3 more monsters: Little Meeko, Goofy Peeko and Angry Jeeko.

Neeko was designed specially for kids—with much attention going to details, colors, sounds and monster personas. However, the game is suitable for all skill levels and ages.

Gameplay Trailer:
Neeko Gameplay Trailer - YouTube
Gameplay Video:
Neeko Gameplay Video - YouTube

Google Play Link: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fraoula.neeko