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Game problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by acidburnd, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. acidburnd

    acidburnd Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi to all

    I try to play blood and glory and the game start in my first fight the phone go to home screen alone no force close window or nothing any one have a similar problem

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  2. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    I do, i even tried it running chainfire and it still did the same thing. im not sure why it does it. only thing i can think is to let the developer of the game know there is an issue with our phone and hope they fix it
  3. netdog

    netdog Lurker

    Same problem here. I was hoping the update to b08 would fix it but no luck. We should all contact the developers and let them know about this issue.
  4. Snake X

    Snake X Android Expert

    wait.. are you saying chainfire works?
  5. acidburnd

    acidburnd Newbie
    Thread Starter

    is working but not whit this game
  6. Snake X

    Snake X Android Expert

  7. Kamau

    Kamau Android Expert

    I have a similar problem with any game that has a lot of movement (action) in it. It causes my phone to restart after about 10 minutes or so.
  8. elmoosh

    elmoosh Newbie

    Same here. I don't play a lot of action games but it's constantly freezing on Fruit Ninja. If it doesn't crash on its own I end up having to reboot anyway and delete the cache constantly to get it to unfreeze. I only have like 15 apps on my phone so it's not a memory issue.
  9. Kamau

    Kamau Android Expert

    Well, I've got a few more apps installed (around 40 more or less) , but I have 2.5 gigs of space left on both my phone and my card, each.
    But I clear my cache all the time. I'm about to contact ZTE and see if I can an send this thing in to get fixed (I've got a getting very warm problem too. App tells me it gets to 109 degrees sometimes).
  10. ryantt

    ryantt Newbie

    Same thing happening to me i thought it was slacker app but is not ...samething happening to me with drag racing bunny shooter angry bird and it cannot be an application because i had the same exact apps on my samsung prevail and it never gave me problems what so ever is this brand zte lol iam about to return it and stick with my prevail untill boost brings another droid ...i read here that an uptade is coming lets prey...
  11. acidburnd

    acidburnd Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I thing is a graphics driver problems because when i use the internet browser and put my finger in the screen star shaking a little
  12. ryantt

    ryantt Newbie

    Still waiting on the software upgrade
  13. Marknderm

    Marknderm Well-Known Member

    This is the link for chainfire 3d
    I hope this link help out....
    I have downloaded this app and bought the license for it, But I am not sure if I should install the drivers like it wants. I am afraid that it will mess things up. is there anyone who has this app and have you installed all of the drivers. and also it said to back up everything with CWM does clockworks even work on the warp? and yes you may think that im dumb cuz I don't know as much, but this is how we all learn...
  14. aladdin99

    aladdin99 Well-Known Member

    Weird, Fruit Ninja never freezes on my warp. I am not using ChainFire 3d

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