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Gameloft wants you to pirate their games.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by seretogis, May 26, 2010.

  1. seretogis

    seretogis Member
    Thread Starter

    Pardon the cross-posting but I thought it deserved to be mentioned here as well. Original post: http://androidforums.com/android-news-talk/85498-you-might-want-take-look-gameloft-s-drm-policy.html


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  2. acidarmitage

    acidarmitage Well-Known Member

    noooo problem! :)

    except nova is being a pain in the ass :p
  3. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Android Enthusiast

    Too late for me, I've already supported this insanity with the purchase of one game! :(
    They'll be getting NO MORE money from me that's for sure.

    I love supporting Android devs and the likes of Gamevil, Hyperdevbox, Com2Us and Infinite Dreams (plus all the others I've purchased games from!) all do it right through the Market. Gameloft can GTFO from now on.
  4. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    I have read this, and have most of their games :)

    I take the 5th regarding payment
  5. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Android Enthusiast

    I'd normally not condone stealing from an Android developer, but Gameloft really needs to rethink things.
  6. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    It's so easy to tie the purchase to our google accounts, too. IDK why they instead just lock down their file server (individual download links)
  7. brianem

    brianem Member

    I'm glad I haven't bought any of their stuff yet. I will neither support or play any of their titles until such time that they decide to respect their customers and standards put in place by a much more successful company (Google; and use the marketplace for payment/verification). I'd urge people to not pirate their games however, as every download is justification to further restrict content (see ubisoft as an example).
  8. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    It is unfortunate that they have chosen to be like that. They don't deserve to be pirated but they don't deserve any funds from me, either.
  9. Vegito168

    Vegito168 Lurker

    I plan to give Gameloft none of my precious funds :p, especially if I cannot re-install them if I flash a new ROM or whatever. So far I have only gotten Hero of Sparta working by downloading the data files that somebody uploaded, but not from this forum though. It works really well.

    I also got the data files for Gangstar, but I have yet to get it to read that the data files on the SD Card. The game will load, but it tells me that I need to download the data files in order to play, otherwise it forces you to quit the app.

    I think I just need to figure out exactly what folder the data files need to be put in on the SD Card. I'll figure it out one way or another :cool:. (Hopefully)
  10. ballisticn8

    ballisticn8 Android Expert

    Interesting, I haven't purchased any games produced by them nor will I be. Thx for the post!
  11. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    Just switch to WiFi and download the files, worked for me on my HTC Incredible. (Although I uninstalled; not my type of game).
  12. Vegito168

    Vegito168 Lurker

    Well, I am actually deployed to Iraq ATM and I do not have access to WiFi. The only internet access I have is on my work computer, so I am pretty much SOL on that part. Someone uploaded the files to like rapishare or whatever, and I downloaded them and then I put them in the folder that the app makes when you initially try to run it, but it won't recognize that the files are there for some reason. I just may not be in the correct file path, but I don't know exactly what the file path is. Freaking sucks being deployed, and NOT having internet access for my phone to download and keep up with stuff. :mad:
  13. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    I'll re-download it tomorrow night (can't tonight or tomorrow during the day) and upload it for you if you haven't gotten it working by then. :)
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  14. Vegito168

    Vegito168 Lurker

    Cool man, I appreciate that. It's not a priority, so you can help me out at your convenience. :) I can wait. Until then, I will keep trying. :cool:

    Again, thanks necosino.
  15. Rota

    Rota Android Enthusiast

    Gameloft will not be seeing a dime from me. I already pirated all of their games. Its sad because they actually make good games that I would be willing to pay for, but I will not tolerate this idiodic DRM that only punishes the honest customer.
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  16. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    Thanks for serving in Iraq! We should send you an access point for you to hook up to your computer and give yourself a little WiFi. That would probably make a nice care package for a soldier...

    I just wouldn't want my comrades to know I was that addicted... Heck, maybe you could rent time out to them... those that uh, aren't addicted either but just want to get their phones/PSPs/DSis on the internet. You might even be able to lure some enemies in if they come around and try to leech off your WiFi.;)
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  17. Vegito168

    Vegito168 Lurker

    That's the spirit!!!! That's what Gameloft deserves! :D So.........how about sharing any possible upload links for the data files of some of these "pirated" games. ;)

    Your very welcome! It's an honor to serve. I am in the Air Force. Yeah, it sure would be nice to have an access point, but its OK, I'll survive. LOL! Yeah, sure don't need the enemy leeching off my WiFi, cuz then we'd have to shoot'em! :cool:
  18. grainysand

    grainysand Android Expert

    Ditto. Easy to do, too, and with a few tricks you can keep 'em nice and safe between wiping and flashing new ROMs. Hah!

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