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GamerROM Ultimate 1 v1.0.5 For LG-MS659 ONLY UPDATED: 1/26/16

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Deleted User, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Welcome to GamerROM Ultimate

    GamerROM Ultimate is aOS based off of the stock OS and redesigned for gaming on the go


    * Material Design Feel/look

    * New Wallpaper

    * No bloatware

    * Flash Player Installed (you need to update the app to access flash player settings) and more

    Notice: to install requires TWRP v2.8.0.0 installed once installed extract the zip to your root of your external sdcard and restore it, this is in.a backup form.

    Download: http://gamerromos.weebly.com/lg-optimus-f3.html

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    • Updated launcher to v4.0.000 this adds new hardware accelerater on by default and fixes other bugs

    • Improved OSand QSlide

    • Added Viper4X
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  3. Hey cyberdev had a question which files should I delete before I install the zip I.E Dev/cache storage etc and when you say restore it you mean system restore right? I am a newbie so if you could spell it out a bit It would be awesome thank you.
  4. Deleted User

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    You have to wipe dalvik, system, data and cache and go to restore and backup and restore the os
  5. Thanks for the quick reply ok tried what you said in twrp it doesnt find the GR4_v1.0.3_LE_BETA_For_fx3t.zip in order to load nor did it give me the option to search on sd card internal or external also I tried zipped and unzipped
  6. i can insall it and it boots kin of a blnk program with little or no apps plus no access to sd card
  7. Deleted User

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    Ok i dont understand of what your inending of saying can u be more specific on the issue ur having?
  8. sorry I used twrp and had to format system, dev cache, cache, data in the advanced wipe the

    the only way I can install is through the install zip option on TWRP's home page there I can choose the zip

    from there it instals, boots and the Gamer rom opens.

    in the gamer rom I have no file manager I cant mount my internal Sd card and there is only like 12 applications very bare I dont know if the camera works but there is neither camere or album icon I have tried dozens of mods latly but being a gamer I just need android to be higher then 4.2.1 to play some games but I have yet to find a stable mod or one. any help would be great
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    Here extract the zip and you will see a TWRP Folder, move that folder to your external sd card, do not rename anything

    Once moved make a back up of any data, os u have in case of an error, then format the following partitions by going to "Wipe">"Advanced Wipe" and format

    /dalvik cache




    /internal sd (Dont format internal sd if your using the internal to restore os)

    Do not format external sd If you have the backup loaded on it

    Now once done go to the main menu of your recovery and click the option "Restore" you will see your storages, by default it'll choose internal sd but if your backup is in external sd switch storages and the backup will show up as a date, dont change the name, and click the backup, you should check that the following partitions are selected



    /efs (this partition is optional to restore it will not effect boot or device)

    Once selected slide the bar to restore os, do not turn your phone off, once it says done you can click rebbot system and your done.
  10. hey man, I'm trying to install mvsc2.zip rom on my MAME4droid emulator. but it always says the selected game is missing one or more required ROM or CHD images. pls select a different game. i downloaded several roms on various sites, but it still says the same thing. can you tell me where i can download the right mvsc2.zip rom for my emulator and the right way to do it. thanks!
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    Try unzippining it then retry it again if not wats the rom actually called tht ur trying to emulate?

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