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games list for htc wildfire please!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thakur90, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. thakur90

    thakur90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    please someone suggest a few games for htc wildfire...the low resolution is quite disappointing....thanks a lot......

  2. Mr Struddelz

    Mr Struddelz Lurker

    Bonzai Blast, PapiJump (?), Abduction, SFCave, Traffic Jam, Slugs, Drop, Bubble Defense etc. May not be the greatest games but I just got my phone :D
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  3. toonman35

    toonman35 Newbie

    Drop is the most addictive game out there
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  4. Baggy

    Baggy Well-Known Member

    I was looking for something like this. So I'm guessing if it works on Wildfire it'll work on my ZTE Racer? :eek:

    Add Jewels to that list
  5. Baggy

    Baggy Well-Known Member

    wildfire is still a nice phone even with the 240 by 340 screen
  6. HTC-Fandroid

    HTC-Fandroid Android Expert

    Cant add too much as they have already been mentioned but have Bonzai Blast, Jewells and Drop, the wife plays them and thinks they're great on the Wildfire.

    Btw! Whats your best score on Drop guys, the wife has 1289 and I cant get near it :D

  7. Baggy

    Baggy Well-Known Member

    MY full list
    blocked stone
    bonsai blast
    toss it
    solitaire free pack
    jewel rotation
    magicgem 2
    moron test
    the inferno

    this is on my Racer
    which is 240 by 320 like the wildfire

    just downloading 'drop'

    drop works
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  8. Baggy

    Baggy Well-Known Member

    273 i need lots more practice :(
  9. HTC-Fandroid

    HTC-Fandroid Android Expert

    Oh! That makes me feel a tad better. :D
  10. Bethbaby

    Bethbaby Newbie

    Has anyone got papaya farm/ranch on their wildfire?
  11. ramzy

    ramzy Lurker

    Hey guys, there are what i've got on my 10 days old Wildfire ;

    # Abduction!
    # Alchemy
    # Bonsai Blash
    # BreakTheBall
    # Chain Ball
    # Color Lights
    # Extrem Droid Jump
    # Jewels
    # Muncher
    # PapiOrange
    # Phit Droid 3rd Edition
    # Shoko Rocket
    # Teeter
    # Word Search
    # WordUp!

    Cheers! : )
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  12. toma5a5

    toma5a5 Lurker

    any rpg games?does snesoid works on wildfire?
  13. [fade]

    [fade] Newbie

    Snesoid works, gensoid works, but i had problems, if i turn the sound on it become sluggish.
    I have tried just a couple of games, mortal kombat, earthworm jim, shinobi, all worked ok, but that is when you turn the sound off.
    My favorite game is air bomber, purely awesome.
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  14. toma5a5

    toma5a5 Lurker

    thx for info, were did you got games because when i download snesoid or gensoid they dont have games and i cant find them.
  15. Bang Bang Boom

    Bang Bang Boom Well-Known Member

    Google snesoid or gensoid roms... loads come up, I downloaded both apps and have downloaded sonic 3 and micro machines which both work fine
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  16. [fade]

    [fade] Newbie

    i prefer gensoid, hope there will be an update soon to fix the sound problems on the emulators.
  17. blangdup

    blangdup Lurker

    I have 1538 after 2 days of getting it! Extremely addictive :D
  18. RichMcc

    RichMcc Lurker

    Doodle jump rocks ;)
  19. RichMcc

    RichMcc Lurker

    Doesn't really help you now, but Im in the middle of a computer games programming degree, I code C++ / DirectX and C# / XNA, But Im looking into developing games for android, and I have a wildfire so... I will be making something awesome specifically for this phone in the near future!!! ;)
  20. mayank5

    mayank5 Lurker

    can any1 tell..whr can i download all these games from?
  21. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    the android market ;-)
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  22. Eternal Noob

    Eternal Noob Newbie

    Gameboid (GameBoy Advance Emulator) works surprisingly well on Wildfire.

    I recommend strategy games such as Final Fantasy Tactics, Advanced Wars 1 & 2. Anything that requires faster finger pressing just fails with the touch screen as with all other emulators.
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  23. Eternal Noob

    Eternal Noob Newbie

    Got a few on my phone but haven't really played them much:

    Andors Trail. :- Looks like it could be a good game. Usual do quests, fight monsters, sell stuff you've looted sort of thing.

    Star Trader :- A clone of 80's space trading game Elite. Involves travelling through space to different planets buying and selling stuff, upgrading your ship, fighting space pirates etc.

    Gurk :- An 8 bit old school type RPG

    Parallel Kingdom :- An MMORPG which uses GPS, strange game, addictive for a few days then extremely tedious after that. Utter morons in the chat channels also ruin it (bit like WoW in that sense :p )
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  24. beardy

    beardy Newbie

    ive got angry birds on my wildfire and as lond as i go in airplane mode its fine + i dont got ads!!! wicked game
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  25. maccboy2010

    maccboy2010 Lurker

    Fishing 2 go is a cracking game I can't stop playing it, iv just. Bought the pro version I dont no wot the free version is like but the pro has got loads of differnt spieces and places to fish from..
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