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Apps Gamooga - A platform for realtime apps and multiplayer games

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by akkishore1, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Jun 12, 2011

    Jun 12, 2011
    Hi all,

    This is Kishore from Gamooga. I am very excited to introduce you to Gamooga platform. It offers a very non-intrusive and simple realtime communication API for your apps and games.

    You can upload server side scripts that receive, process and send messages to your clients. All the responsibility of handling communication to your clients can be offloaded to Gamooga, so you donot need to worry about deployment, management, maintenance and scalability of a very fast communication infrastructure.

    Added to this Gamooga offers client side API for multiple platforms: HTML/JS, Flash/AS3, Android (more platforms coming soon) that you can use to communicate with your server side scripts. It directly implies that different versions of apps/games for each of these platforms can seamlessly communicate with each other using Gamooga platform. So its very well possible that you have a Multiplayer Soccer over Facebook in Flash being played with another user over Android using communication backends of Gamooga.

    Gamooga also offers a NoSQL based Key-Value store that you can use for persistence in your games. Along with this, the platform also offers streaming capabilities for your apps for transport of audio, video and other binary data.

    Website: http://www.gamooga.com/
    Docs: http://www.gamooga.com/dev/docs/
    Getting started: http://www.gamooga.com/dev/docs/started.html
    Android API: http://www.gamooga.com/dev/docs/clientandroid.html

    We are very eager for your feedback. Please reply this post or email me at: kishore@gamooga.com


    Kishore Annapureddy,
    Founder, Gamooga.

    Email: kishore@gamooga.com
    Twitter: @gamooga


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