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Garskin's 'Tattoo My HTC' cover-Quick review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adclancer, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. adclancer

    adclancer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey there! I JUST received my covers , like 3O minutes ago from the postment who arrived while I was sleeping. Ordered them last month on the 24th , and it came today , so it's safe to say thatt the 5-14 working days thing isn't all that. If you e-mail them about it , they would say its due to the overwhelming response of people's orders. But hey , at least it arrived! And the cover is perfect at that , but I'll get to that in a sec. Shall do a quick review then.:D

    First of all , I would like to say that they successfully engraved my words with perfection ; correct fonts , correct size ; correct placement ; no extra or missing wordings ; no ink smudge or anything like that. They have really gone out of their way to design the one you customed , if you customed at all , to perfection , so for all of you out there who worry that the engraving's gonna be splotched or messy , even on the corners , where I did mine , you can rest assured.

    Secondly ,do NOT get the 'White Emboss' feel. The "feel" is just the kind of plastic found on stuff like your remote controllers , the slightly rough plastic. To be honest , when hitting it with my index finger or so just lightly , the feel is kinda hollow and cheap(no offence to Garskin). So if you were to order white/black or any colour for that matter , get the "Leather" starter. That feel is the same texture as the cover that originally came when you bought the phone , the black/grey/matte cover with that nice , soft , smooth feel , albeit it smudges fingerprints a little.

    Apart from this , there's nothing I really would wanna say! The cover just looks great. I got the 'messy' cover , with the clouds and all. Got to say , I'm impressed. It is quite 'loud' at times , and sometimes looks cheap , but the designs quite nice to fease your eyes to. There are some MINOR , very minor setbacks , like how the two thin ends of plastic on the left and right of the front cover fit perfectly , yet when you push them a little , they squeak. Damn. Or how the circle d-pad isn't fitted in the cover's hole properly. When I say this , I mean that there still is a bit of a gap after fitting the cover perfectly.

    Overall , job well done , besides the duration of everything.

    So head down to their website to order if you wish , cause you wouldn't be disappointed.


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  2. anino78

    anino78 Newbie

    wow! congrats on your new tattoo cover. I have yet to receive mine. its more than a month already since i order online. Anyway I'm hoping that next week it will arrive at my doorstep also.
  3. LucyMouse

    LucyMouse Lurker

    Kind of, but not quite related :)

    I got the htc tattoo this week (vodafone contract, with a sort of rubberised casing).. and I can't for the life of me get the back cover off! What is the trick to getting inside of it.... feeling very annoyed at it.. "slide it up until it disengages with phone" .. all that I get is slippy fingers sliding and phone turned on and off as I accidentally touch buttons on other side.

    Don't particularly want to go back into town during xmas shopping scrums just to get a salesperson to show me how :(

    Yours hopefully... (and patiently)!

  4. daiking

    daiking Newbie

    There's a bit of a knack to it but this is what i find easiest.

    Hold the phone in your palms (like praying, lol). Move the. hand that's on the back up a little so that the heel of your palm is on the back cover. Then push your hands together a lirtle and push the back cover up

    Failing that try a search on youtube for some HTC Tattoo starter vids.

    Hope that helps
  5. LucyMouse

    LucyMouse Lurker

    Your post, YouTube videos, a little bit more of a shuv.. I'm in :eek:
    Many thanks
  6. Huw

    Huw Member

    You're not alone, LucyMouse. In fact...

    I did exactly that! :eek:

    I tried and tried and the bloody thing just would not come off. So I got them to show me how to do it in the shop. The way they showed me was to put both thumbs on the back, with one at the bottom-middle of the cover and the other above near the top of the cover. Then shove. It still doesn't work perfectly but it works more often than not.

    Daiking's suggestion sounds good though, I might try that next time.
  7. LucyMouse

    LucyMouse Lurker

    I had an issue with my new phone - antenna not detecting signal (when my old mobile vodafone did).. so had to go back to xmas scrum land and Phones4U. They were great and sorry for the problem and exchanged my phone (had only had it 4 days).

    Chap couldn't open phone though - I had to show him how :rolleyes: So it isn't just us mortal end users struggling.

  8. rspo

    rspo Lurker

    Just received my personalised design from Garskin today. I got it in the beige leather texture which isn't exactly 'matte' but it does feel leathery as promised. I actually really like the texture of it.

    The image that I selected came out much better than I expected. The image is clear and exactly how I designed it. (It does seem a bit yellower than I remember though.. but that might be my own mistake during the designing process.)
    The build of the case is good as well. It is a good fit and does not 'squeak'. The case also arrived earlier than I expected. Also, despite the cover being a sticker (more on this below), it does not feel cheap at all due to the leathery texture. Last thing I want is for it to JUST look like a cheap sticker which I paid so much for. phew.

    I was imagining the case to be designed and cured individually, however, this is not the case. Your 'design' is simply a sticker that is stuck onto a black case. Hence if the workmanship is not good, there are gaps and glimmers of the black case can be seen. In my case, the areas around the keys and d-pad weren't as closely paid attention to as they should have been. There was also slight peeling of the sticker at the volume control button area.

    Because of the sticker cover, the case was actually thicker than normal. This thus makes my buttons 'flushed' with the front cover. To me, I actually like this. But others may not.

    Hope this helps.

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