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May 24, 2011
Could you guys please, please help me gather some data for my research paper? All you have to do is spend a minute or two completing this questionnaire: http://goo.gl/GVTCe
A bunch of very odd and seemingly unrelated questions on that dictionary. Just a suggestion. If you're going to ask folks to click on an odd link and fill out a questionnaire as odd as this one, you might want to fill them in on the subject matter of your project. As t is it looks like you are gathering marketing data.
My questionnaire is about the persuasion and manipulation effects of mass-media and advertising and you can't possibly figure out how I'm extracting my data because you don't know the research question I posed in my paper. They seem "odd" and "unrelated" to you but to me 3 questions gather up to answer the same question with three different arguments.

I will appreciate deeply if anyone is willing to spare 2 minutes to fill out this survey.
More on the mater, the "subject" is actually written with really BIG letters at the top of the survey.