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GB update information

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by frug0, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. frug0

    frug0 Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    God damnit xd I know I'm about to flash my rom but still want a taste of gingerbread
  3. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    not a problem for me now, i have gingerbread 2.3.4 :)
  4. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    Is gingerbread out yet (the official rom) for the 2x? I just bought one, waiting for it to come in the post :) It won't be branded, if that makes a difference.
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    Not yet, but soon*

    brezzo likes this.
  6. kalem

    kalem Lurker

    soon.. maybe october, november, december... 2011, 2012, 2013.. maybe yes, maybe no...

    *LOL* :D
  7. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    Still not out? Wow LG lied to me!
  8. csaguy

    csaguy Lurker

    hey guys, I emailed lg canada yesterday and asked about the updates for the optimus 2x. this was their reply:

    Thank you for contacting LG Electronics

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have information on upcoming updates. Should an update become available you will be notified that is it available for installation.
    Dave H.
    LG Customer Service
    LG Canada

    no info really. but thought you all would like to know how undure they are at LG
  9. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    Doesn't look like it's coming.. ever..

    Looks like I'll be installing cm7 :)
  10. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    Lol, I installed cyangen. Very good. 2.3.4 on my phone now ;)
  11. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    Should be 2.3.5 really.
  12. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    Now that I received my phone it seems fast enough anyway.. I take back the cyanogen statement, it is fine without it and I can wait for the eventual release of Gingerbread :)

    I came from a HTC with 2.3 on it, it's really not -that- much better. There are a few nice little extras in it but hardly worth getting up in arms over not having :p
  13. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    When I downloaded cyangen it installed 2.3.4. :( what's better about 2.3.5
  14. Cheebob

    Cheebob Lurker

  15. Cheebob

    Cheebob Lurker

    yep! tmobile has it now but not wind yet! I have the 2x too. Wind said they will let me know when they are getting it I have heard diffrent rumors about it was supose to be in sept but still I have nothing!:mad:
  16. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    Well, CM7 based on 2.3.4 is a bit old now, the 2.3.5 versions have more features.
    Install the G2X version then, the WIND O2X is a P999 rather than a P990.
  17. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    When I plugged in my O2X into my PC and used the LG Software update tool, it gets to 4% and asks me to take out the battery and try again.. :( I have a feeling this is Gingerbread waiting for me to install it but I can't! :(
  18. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

    It's not gingerbread, that much I can tell you.
  19. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    This has happened to alot of people some of them send there phones off for repair :(
  20. brezzo

    brezzo Well-Known Member

    Oh well, cm7 is gingerbread + not LG's (let's be honest) rubbish version of android. I suggest everyone looks into it if they are brave :) It's very fast, but bluetooth audio doesn't work (only thing as far as I'm aware).

    I understand some do not want to take the risks associated with custom roms, but with LG's seemingly broken software updater, will anyone ever get gingerbread if it's impossible to even update? Even then the updater could brick your phone and force you to send it in.. probably more risk involved than a custom rom! ;)
  21. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    Haha I agree, I think installing a custom Tom with nand backups actually takes less time then the updater tool ;)
  22. afrost55

    afrost55 Newbie

    Guess i'm going to use CM7.

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