GBA Emulator Help?

Hi, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S II X, and I've tried both Mojo GBA Lite and Gameboid, but each has the same problem; the screen turns black and it goes back to the file chooser once you choose a ROM. I've tried many different ROMs, from multiple sites, but none have worked. Yes, I've found a BIOS that works. Any suggestions on why this might be happening? Thanks in advance.


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Maybe it has something to do with your GPU? I wouldn't know how to fix it off hand, but maybe you could try chainfire 3d (if you are rooted). Other than that, I can move this thread into a Galaxy S2 forum to see if they know more information.


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Actually, I fixed the problem. I downloaded Gameboid from Slide Me instead and that version worked. Thanks for trying, though.