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gBoard MANY problems. Almost unusable. No more Google Product Forums.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by metamage, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. metamage

    metamage Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have too many issues with gBoard to list. I could say the top few, but what happened to Google Product Forums? If I stay here, how do I start to address all the problems? It's almost unusable, and odd that I find almost no others saying they have such problems.


  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Just install a different keyboard from the play store, such as SwiftKey keyboard.
    Or you can try going to settings, apps, gboard, clear cache and data, reboot phone
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  3. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Android Expert

    I've not used Gboard for a while now. It went bat @#@$ crazy on me, even resets would not resolve the many issues.

    Just sticking with the sammy one atm, only thing I don't like about it is the tiny space bar that appears when texting..weird!
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  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    I switch between it and SwiftKey, and am currently typing this using GBoard. No problems here.

    If you want to address your problems the starting place really is to tell us what they are. Nobody can do anything without that. Or, as others have said, just use a different keyboard.
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  5. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    I also have been using GBoard for a while now and no issues.

    Maybe tell us which device you have, firmware you are on, and the issues you are having with GBoard, so we can test it out to see if it does the same to us.
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  6. Fifth313ment

    Fifth313ment Lurker

    I have similar issues but here are mine in a nutshell: Auto correct is no longer working and when you can't spell a word but see it in the list and click it, it now does nothing (it doesn't change the misspelling)? Sometimes it does change the word when I press the correct word in the suggestion box but then it makes a word that doesn't exist and sometimes it even deletes or changes the next word! This is a huge issue as when it doesn't change the words to the right one it saves it to the dictionary and then that word comes up all the time. Man they screwed this up! Add the ability when swipe typing (dragging finger to form words) to go to the spacebar and allow me to keep swiping. My old Samsung keyboard and others allow me to swipe whole sentences without ever lifting my finger. All of these things have been happening on my Note 10+ and they also happened on my S8+! I don't know what else to do and Google never reads the reviews or beta feedback! Also I've deleted the cache, uninstalled and it always comes back and starts happening again soon after using the app. Does anyone else have issues like these? !
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  7. RunrunHibi

    RunrunHibi Newbie

    Advance Settings of the keyboard: Make sure Personalization is on, Usage statistics off, Improve Gboard off, Delete learned words data. Then use the keyboard and give it time to learn again.
  8. puppykickr

    puppykickr Well-Known Member

    Just ditch GBoard.
    It is a heap of stinking spyware anyway.

    I had a long hard search for a keyboard that I can tolerate and that functions.

    I wound up deciding that predictive text, suggestions, swiping, and all that stuff is really just crap.

    Any time supposedly saved is eaten right up trying to go back and proofread then edit all the mistakes.
    Ever try to change a word that it selected for you, only to have it not let you- or to change it right back again?


    Not to mention the security issues with a keyboard that is collecting what you type and sending it to God-Knows-Where.

    It truely is easier and safer to use a bare bones approach without all the gimmicks, bells, and whistles.

    I use Simple Keyboard (F-Droid) the vast majority of the time, especially while in portrait mode.

    When extensive typing in landscape mode, I use Hacker's Keyboard (F-Droid), as it allows separate portrait and landscape sizes.

    It also has more options available for those that still want some toys with their keyboard.

    One unique feature is the transparent setting, which allows you to see if the keyboard is covering any information on the screen.
  9. metamage

    metamage Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm the original poster. Yes, I rebooted, reset the cache, changed all settings, etc. I gave up on it shortly after I posted my article. I tried SwiftKey & other apps, all nowhere near as good as Swype, so I jiggered my devices to allow install from an apk (It's not available any more in the Play Store.) and am back on Swype everywhere now. With gBoard, I had the same problems on all devices, including Samsung & LG, so it's not that kind of thing. I didn't post my issues cuz I wasn't sure this is the right place to post them, since no one else at that time was suggesting any problems whatever. Now I have a "crazy", at least, and the one quoted above. Now, understand that I'm a heavy swiper; that's how I get my speed. I can't type anywhere near as fast one tap per letter, no matter how busily I attack the buttons.

    It does nothing because it just tries to remember that you suggested the new word. It doesn't really add it to the dictionary, if there is one. It'll likely forget the new word soon, in which case, you'll just have to keep adding it, over and over, like I did.

    I guess this is the place to post after all, so here are my gBoard issues, finally (if I can remember them now -- so happy to be back on Swype!) ...
    1. The worst thing is that it uses an AI engine to remember dictionary words, so it forgets on purpose dictionary words from time to time -- even the intrinsic ones, not only the ones you suggest to add! I gave up altogether when it forgot the word "it". Do you realize how often the word "it" is used in English? Of course, it forgets long words, too, but losing "it" was the last straw. gBoard doesn't announce that it is remembering a word you suggest. It just takes that under advisement, and when it decides it needs space for other words, it'll elect to forget your suggested word. With Swype, you can tell it one word at a time or just edit the dictionary with all your favorites; it never forgets them. Also, it remembers words with numbers, with hyphens, etc -- just FAR, FAR better than any other keyboard app, I now know.
    2. Yes, I agree, you can't swipe anywhere near as fast if you go only one word at a time; you need to swipe sentences to get speed -- or at least use space insertion!
    3. The keyboard layout is way worse on gBoard. On my tablet (Android 7), it was especially bad, with me having to switch keyboards just to type any special character other than period or comma -- even a slash ("/") had to be not just shifted, but switch to the special-character keyboard. With my phone (Android 9), I could just shift to get special characters, but the layout was not nearly as convenient as with Swype.
    4. Also, little things slow down my swiping. On gBoard, you can't swipe a ", " or a ". ", causing me to have to use 2 taps for each of these. On Swype, I do that with every sentence! With Swype, you can recapitalize a word by swiping from the Swype key to the Shift key, with 3 choices -- all caps, no caps, or an initial cap. None of these things with gBoard.
    5. With gBoard, there's no way I know of to copy & paste like I do with Swype.
    6. Can you toggle quickly back & forth with a second language like you can in Swype? Very useful, not just for typing quotes in other languages, but just typing words like "beaucoup" or "ganz" without switching languages the hard way or artificially adding them to your English dictionary.
    Happily, I'm now forgetting now just how bad it was. I've been back on Swype for a couple of months now, and it's just glorious. When I remember the other deal killers, I'll add to this list, but I guess this will do for now. There were many more issues; I've just forgotten them now that I'm using Swype exclusively again.

    Maybe if you aren't swiping, gBoard can be an adequate keyboard, but then, the typing is just so slow!

    Since I've moved on (back), I don't need your assistance any more, but I hope you'll see how fast and convenient it can be to use a good swiping keyboard app, and I really hope someone will revive Swype. I'd almost pay money for it (though I'm retired now, so I shouldn't say this).
  10. metamage

    metamage Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I do proofread. I do this to avoid the errors made by swipers that aren't typos, but use of words that often don't even look like the one they probably thought they'd swiped. But I proof anyway, even if not swiping, and I don't spend any more time doing it than with straight keyboarding.

    Huh? Not Swype. Or if so, maybe if you use Autocorrect, which I don't. If you proofread, you don't need it anyway.

    Uh, that can be done with any keyboard app, including the beloved gBoard. There is no Android permission that keeps a keyboard app from doing what it wants.

    It's speed, not gimmicks. If you consider getting capitalization right a gimmick, fine. And Cut&Paste is way faster than backspacing & retyping. The other things are just speed. I guess you're not a swiper and can't understand the speed boost swiping enables?

    Yep, no swiping in Simple Keyboard. Try typing a message the size of this one in 30 seconds. There's just no contest.
  11. puppykickr

    puppykickr Well-Known Member

    The keyboards I use don't connect to the internet, so I am not worried about data collection from them.

    As far as Swipe, the last time I saw it was on a Gingerbread phone that was so small that you couldnt type hardly at all anyway.

    That being said, the Swipe option was no better, at least on that device.

    Before smartphones existed, I used T-9 extensively, at least up until the last device I had it on made a mess out of it.

    Anyway, with my poor vision, and ability to actually use a real typewriter, I find that Hacker's in landscape mode is adequate and I like Simple in portrait because I can have square keys and a low profile of 33%, along with having most punctuation available with a long press on its respective key.
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