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Gear VR Oculus Theatre Not Seeing 128GB SD Card?

Discussion in 'Samsung Gear VR' started by atxchip, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. atxchip

    atxchip Lurker
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    I recently got my S7 and Gear VR. Loaded a couple .mp4's and an .mp4 3D movie, too, onto the internal SD card. All worked really NICE in the Oculus Theater or whatever it's called. Coraline was the 3D movie and the 3D was pretty good, I'd say about 6 on a scale of 1-10. But it was really crowded on that internal memory card!

    So I purchased a Samsung 128GB card for the external card tray. Deleted the original movies and created a "Movies" and "Movies/3D" folder on the new 128GB card. Moved the original test movies plus a couple more 3D movies (these 3D movies to the "3D" folder as originally done).

    Now, in the Oculus Theater, under "My Movies" it sees NOTHING, reminding me to move some movies to my "Movies" folder. Aargh.

    Other Apps on my S7 see these files just fine: Astro File manager sees the folder structure intact. I played one .mp4 directly with the "HD Video Player" App.

    Any ideas about why the Oculus software can't seem to see anything on the external SD card? Is there something I've overlooked, maybe some configuration thing the Gear VR needs, in order to access an external SD card?

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  2. StephenES

    StephenES Lurker

    Well, from what I can tell this is not supported on the S7 just yet. It seems like we will have to copy files from the SC Card to the local memory and back again until they release a patch.

    I found this line on their website - somewhat telling:


    Here is the line in question:

    On your phone's removable SD card* (Card):

    *Feature coming soon for Samsung Galaxy S7

    So it seems that for us S7 (and I assume S7 edge) users SD Card support in Oculus is not available yet.

  3. atxchip

    atxchip Lurker
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    Thanks for the reply! So we have the Android OS making things tough on the Oculus I suppose. These growing pains! I seem to also have a problem finding Netflix in Oculus Video too, so there's no rest for the weary, as they say. The Oculus software guys, I mean.
  4. atxchip

    atxchip Lurker
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    I'm hoping all your readers have noticed that Oculus has just RELEASED AN UPDATE and apparently has completely fixed the SD card inaccessibility problem!

    A couple of nifty Facebook integration things, too as well as other stuff.

    I'm impressed!
  5. Faktorek

    Faktorek Lurker

    I can confirm that the issue is NOT FIXED on s7 edge. Still Gear VR does not see the SD card.
  6. BMBme

    BMBme Lurker

    Anyone know an ETA when this problem will be fixed on s7 edge?
  7. Faktorek

    Faktorek Lurker

    Almost 6 days ago I got an update to With that update Gear VR finally sees movies on the SD card.
  8. BMBme

    BMBme Lurker

    In Oculus Video it does? How if you don't mind telling me?
  9. Faktorek

    Faktorek Lurker

    Don't know how to invoke the update manually. It just informed me that it's updated, but after that I've launched the VR and in Oculus Cinema all videos where there under My Videos. Including all made with the phone camera. 3D movies are seen as 3D and they are on the SD card and then: Oculus\Movies\Your Movies\3D folder. So far I've been able to play mp4 files and mkv - but not with AC3 sound.
  10. BMBme

    BMBme Lurker

    Thanks so much, that worked. I just didn't know that I needed those directories for it to locate them. Awesome, now I can use my 128gb card!
  11. Faktorek

    Faktorek Lurker

    If you rip your blue ray's an end up with a 3D movie with picture split horizontally. let's name it MyMovie.mp4 you need to create a text file with the name MyMovie.txt and use this content:
    "format": "3DTBF"

    If the movie is split vertically you don't have to do this.
  12. BMBme

    BMBme Lurker

    Good to know. Thanks for the tip. One more question, is there a way to play the movie trailers automatically before a movie? I thought it did that when I played with it at the store.
  13. Faktorek

    Faktorek Lurker

    Sorry, missed the email that you asked something. Don't know what trailers you mean, but there are short movies available to stream/download for free via Oculus Cinema.
  14. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    First thought, the Samsung 128GB micro-SD, where did you purchase it? Because there a heck of a lot of counterfeits around, especially from cheap online vendors. Suggest you check its integrity with SD Insight.
    If it comes up with "invalid", you've got a duff.

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