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GearVR works with Nexus 5, and others

Discussion in 'Samsung Gear VR' started by Pure Engineering, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Pure Engineering

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    I Just got a hold of a brand new Samsung Gear VR headset. Wanting to try it so very badly, but I do not have a Note 4. I figured I would try my nexus 6 first since this has a better display, but this phone is slightly too big to fit. Next up was my retired Nexus 5. It fit in nicely. I have a cheapo s-curve case on it, so it helps fit it better(2$ from ebay) I also used some cloth in the back to keep it from moving around.
    I ran a few 3d demos with it and it worked great. I can see the full view of the lens and the 3D effect is perfect.

    Issues: The Gear VR is only being used for their lens (the usb and built in sensors+touch interface are unused). Basically a very expensive version of Google Cardboard, but these are way better feeling. Also you can adjust the focus of the lens. Last issue is that you can't press on the screen once the phone is in so you have to use a controller to navigate any menus and launch the game before you insert it. (also, controller works great with the nexus 6, and holds it well)

    Additional Info:
    I tried fit checking some other phones I had. The S3 and S4 seem to fit. The OnePlusOne fits with no case. I didn't try the 3d on them.

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  2. rushmore

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    Perhaps misunderstood, but how does the Nexus 6 have a better display than the Note 4? Not one review states that and my own observation concurs. Also, where the device is bigger, the dpi is less, so quality with the Gear VR will be less. Not to mention the lack of sensor integration and the Oculus interface designed for the device. The comparison seems apples to anchovies.

    Since the other devices mentioned have lower res besides One and smaller displays, the FOV will be off and the resolution will be much weaker.

    Also have to disagree with the cardboard statement being the same. Besides the premise, they are different levels as far as quality and features.

    Note 4 and the Gear are mutually inclusive for the experience, so no reasonable way to compare. My guess is more companies will jump in, but need at least Qhd and larger size for FOV.
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  3. Pure Engineering

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    All I am saying is that the gearVR will work with other devices not only the Note 4, in-case anyone was wondering. The note 4+gear vr is the best option, if you have a note 4. (I do not have one(yet))

    I was saying is the nexus 6 screen is better than the nexus 5. the nexus 6 is too long to fit in because the usb connector blocks it, with modifications it will fit. Note: the nexus 6 and note 4 have the same resolution screen.

    I would think the FOV would be off, but I couldn't tell the difference with any of the 3d apps I tried, I think they adjust for the screen size or phone.

    I was comparing the gearVR+nexus 5 and the cardboard. Not the gearVR+note 4 (that would be better)

    I think anyone with a Note 4 should buy the gearVR today.
    Anyone with a nexus 5 and wants something better than the cardboard and has money to spend, get the gearVR.
  4. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Thought I misunderstood and sorry I did. Samsung has something big here, so will be curious if they manage it right and establish market position. The more I use the Gear the more I like it.

    I can not see how much different a consumer version will be, but they are in the right direction none the less. This could be a big new application ecosystem for them- again, if managed correctly.
  5. Skynet11

    Skynet11 Android Enthusiast

    So have you tried the 3D since you last posted?
  6. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Yes. 3D is like in theaters, but like the theaters, I prefer 2D.
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  7. Skynet11

    Skynet11 Android Enthusiast

    So 3D also works on third-party phones?
  8. Pure Engineering

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