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Geeking about Phones, Raging about waiting.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RagingGeek, May 27, 2010.

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    Hello Green Robot buddies. pre-ordered EVO 2 weeks ago, been hooking on reading everything I can for the past couple of weeks, decided I'd join this forum as I had done with crackberry.com when I first got my Curve.

    Goodbye Crackberry, Hello big green robot. I am ready to embrace my droid overlords, and have compiled my list of beginning install apps for my Evo. I'm sure as time goes on the list of 152 apps will be paired down to a reasonable figure, but I'm just so ready to soak in everything Android.

    At the moment the only thing I worry about is trying to find a high quality leather belt clip case for the phone. I'm a naked phone fan, and have been spoiled by my Blackberry Holster(both for quickness of access to device as well as the customizable functions while in the holster vs out.) and am looking for something to complete that experience.

    Anyway, happy to be a member of the community, and look forward to June 4th and my first date with Android.

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    Welcome aboard!

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