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Gemini Calendar - my vision of calendar software

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by powell, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

    Sorry that I wasn't clear. I understand that's how it works now. My idea is that if you're in EST when you write an appointment in your calendar for 2pm (local time) Monday when you're planning to be in California, my method would adjust that appointment on-the-fly in California so that it will take place at 2pm PST, rather than 11amPST (which is how the Android calendars currently operate).


  2. ylexot

    ylexot Android Expert

    Ok, I misunderstood your use of "local time". I consider "local time" to be the time wherever you are now, not where you are going to be when the event occurs.

    Eh, seems complicated and I'm smart enough to be able to add or subtract a few hours.
  3. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    To tell the truth, timezones have been always a pain for me. As you can see here:

    Issue 5892 - android - Calendar: Don't change times when moving across time zones - Project Hosting on Google Code

    you are not the only one, who complains about the way Android deals with timezones. By the way, you can vote for this issue and leave comment, maybe Android designers will listen and we will have the complex, system solution.
    I understand the problem, I have some ideas on my mind, which could be a solution. But, no promises...
  4. hinds24

    hinds24 Lurker

    Gemini Calendar is the best calendar app I've found so far. I've been reading this thread and it really seams like you take problems/requests seriously. Thanks.

    I just switched to an HTC Incredible from a Blackberry and am trying to get used to the Android OS; the calendar is one of those things that is taking time to get used to.

    What I'd love to see is for the alarm to continue to go off every 2 or 5 minutes until it is shut off, and/or a pop-up reminder that must be shut off. I keep missing reminders. I use to use my BB calendar to remind me to do things (take something to work, pick something up in town, etc), but without a reminder that doesn't shut off until I tell it to, I don't always see the "appointment". Another thing that BB did that I liked was the ability to "snooze" an appointment (reminder in 5 minutes, but can ignore the pop-up) and the ability to reset the time/date for the reminder/appointment.

    Once again, thanks for all your great work!
  5. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    Unfortunately, this is not possible with the way he has Gemini set up. Basically, Gemini is simply a front end to the stock calendar (which is a front end to the regular calendar on Google). So, the reminders are just how Google has them set up. I'm sure powell could make something like this, but I can only wonder how much of his code would have to change to make it work properly. I know that he would have to set up his own database for sure just to make this work. That's because everything done in Gemini is simply saved to the Google database and not a different database that would be stored on your phone.

    I hope this clears some of your questions up and helps you to better understand just exactly what is happening when you add events and reminders using Gemini.

  6. dobbs3x

    dobbs3x Lurker

    Hi I have just downloaded this application and my first impressions are "Wow"!

    I do have one idea right off the bat though. . . On the "Add Event" screen; add a title/label to the month, day, year and hour, min, second input boxes respectively.

    This would make it easier and quicker for me to get right to the box I am looking for to change. Also maybe a label for the alarm and reminder icons ????

    I'll play with the app some more and post more ideas. I am going to be writing a app for android as well soon so I want to help debug and suggest feature on this to help get my brain ready.

    Also if you prefer email or pm's for this info let me know.
  7. FadeFx

    FadeFx Well-Known Member

    Hi powell, just wanted to say that i love gemini calendar mostly like it is, only thing i,d like to see is different widget sizes and layouts and localization support. And this is where i'd like to bring me in, i would offer to do german translation for you of you want. Just drop me a pm...
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  8. bdavis8090

    bdavis8090 Newbie

    To all that have offered suggestions and positive feedback, THANK YOU.
    I am sure I will come up with a work around. Nothing is impossible.:D

    To ylexot...I asked for help, not insults to my intelligence. As I indicated, this is a new device and calendar app for me and I am still learning. My hope was that a more experienced user that travels frequently, as I do, might be able to offer some helpful suggestions/solutions.
    In the future, please consider affording others a little consideration and compassion. Remember the adage, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. No one appreciates condescension or arrogance when eliciting advice or help. However, I do wish you well.:)

  9. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    Looks to me from all I have read in this thread that you really need to make two apps. One for those of us who just want a personal calendar app and one for those who really need a business calendar app. This app as is, is nearly perfect as a personal calendar for keeping up with the simple day to day events. And is already way better than the next best app IMO. In fact it is the first app I have come across that I think is better than its counterpart from my old Palm days.
  10. bdavis8090

    bdavis8090 Newbie

    Thanks for the link Powell. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that finds this difficult to manage when traveling across multiple time zones frequently. You have created a wonderful app and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Anything you can do to assist with this would be welcomed.:) Take care.
  11. msuguy71

    msuguy71 Newbie

    If I have a work day set for Saturday 6/19/2010 at 19:00 to 07:30 on 6/20/2010, the event shows up on both days (in the day view section) as work at 19:00. Unless I click on the day entry it appears that I have a duplicate entry for the work schedule. Is there any way to indicate that one of the events was a continuation from the previous day?

    Also, When viewing the event by clicking on it from the day view area, it would be nice to have the day of the week displayed and not just the date. Currently it shows the start and end dates but does not put whether it is Monday, Tuesday, etc. Maybe it could display it like this:

    Start: Sunday 6/20/2010

    Another suggestion is to put event times on the widget and not just the event date and name.

    What other widgets are you planning? I like the current widget but it does not display enough events for me.
  12. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    Check out PureCal and CalWidget. They are phenom agenda widgets. PureCal is a little more full featured but CalWidget is free. Both work well. I have mine 3x3 at the moment and I can see up to two weeks at a glance. Going 3x4 gets me into three weeks out.

    I haven't really used Gemini since downloading it, but the widget definitely doesn't offer much.
  13. dropnbassonu

    dropnbassonu Member


    Is it possible to set an occurrence to, lets say, every 8 weeks? For example, I have the same schedule that repeats itself, but it is an 8-week schedule. So I would want this 8-week schedule to repeat itself until infinity. Is this possible using this calendar, or any calendar for that fact?
  14. ccct

    ccct Lurker

    Hi Powell,
    I'm very excited to find this thread. I've been wanting the HTC Desire, but the calendar is so important for me and up until now, I haven't found one for Androids that would suit, so haven't wanted to buy it yet. Please forgive any bad terminology - I'm not technically minded and am new to Androids.

    For me, the most important features are the recurring events at odd intervals (mentioned previously), as well as a way of categorising events. Someone has previously mentioned colour-coding events, which I was able to do with a previous Palm device. I liked this, but when I moved to Windows Mobile, I found Agenda One where I could assign icons to different events, and these icons would show up on the month view, so that at a glance, I could see when I had different appointment types. On the day and week views, these icons would appear next to the text.

    Is something like this possible? This feature (or, if not possible, then colour-coded dots) would certainly make me buy your app, which (after reading the entire thread) sounds fantastic!
  15. Walton1

    Walton1 Member

    Hi Powell
    Just started using Gemini and it does seem to be a really good app but there are some features that would make it perfect and I haven't been able to find your responses to the suggestions. I work rolling shifts 6on-4off with a mix of early, late and nights so the flexibility of these additions would be fantastic
    Ability to set the default view to display - last week, this week, the following 2 weeks -
    More than one dot, if more than one event a day
    Also being able to select the colour of the dot (ie blue for early, yellow for late etc)
    Either copy and paste appointments or schedule repeats and then be able to delete/change one without affecting the others in the sequence. At the moment I can schedule an early shift to repeat every 10 days, but if I then change one to a day off or a late it changes all of them.
    I know these have been asked for before but I just thought I'd add to the hassle for you ;). Love the app and really want it to work for me. As others have said, with the above additions I'd be happy to pay.
  16. fortillian

    fortillian Lurker

    never tried a calendar app. May start keeping track of things more. Thanks
  17. kaneelias

    kaneelias Newbie

    wow your calendar is awesome, i love it. The only change i would like to see (and i apologise if this has already been mentioned) is to do with the widget.

    The widget shows the appointment name and a number (not sure what the number represents). I would like to be able to see the times for the appointment, maybe only have one appointment with more information shown, but that is just me.
  18. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    The number to the left of the event is the date that that even occures on.

  19. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am writing this just to give you a sign of life, since I have not written anything for quite a long time. It is because I have some important things to do in my private life and developing Gemini Calendar has been slowed down a little.
    Slowed down, but NOT stopped!
    Please, keep sending ideas and opinions, I read every post and email. You are great, you devoted your time to make my calendar better, I really appreciate it.

    Here are some improvements that I think of in the nearest releases of Gemini Calendar. Consider it as a kind of roadmap for next weeks:

    • editing and deleting recurring events (all in series; only this event and this and future events option),
    • copying and moving events (I hope it will work as it should),
    • more widgets, with more information displayed (time of event), there will be probably a 4x2 and 4x3 simple widget, that just lists upcoming events,
    • more than one default reminder in preferences,
    • search function,
    • other improvements,
    I am not sure, when exactly it will be implemented, so stay in touch and be patient.

    And one more thing: I keep receiving questions about biweekly appointments. Gemini Calendar does support such appointments:
    Select "Weekly" repetition, a new option will show up, that will let you select "every x weeks". That is it.

    Edit: I have renamed this option to "Every x weeks" so it is more obvious where to find biweekly repetition.
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  20. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    I would like to see a 4x3 widget that looked like the calendar itself. Sort of like always having your calendar on your desktop. But with the same transparency as the widget as it is now.
  21. ncase

    ncase Lurker

    I really like this program! Looking forward to week view, choosing calendar colors, color coding events and icon options. MUCH better than stock calendar! Thanks!
  22. braindroid

    braindroid Lurker


    1. Please add pop up over lock screen for notification if possible?
    2. Change am to pm on touch rather than by scrolling for full 12hr period
  23. crubbish

    crubbish Lurker

    Thanks for the heads up powell! Fully support your plans for the near future.
  24. tommygun

    tommygun Newbie

    Outstanding! :)

    Thanks a lot!
  25. HTCArgDesire

    HTCArgDesire Lurker

    I've just installed the software from the Market. The only thing that seems not to be working is the Add From Book. It only let you choose from contacts entered in the device and not the ones from PC Sync. Otherwise, it gives me almost everything I need from a calendar App. Maybe a Repeat event every X Hours would be nice. Thanks for your work.

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