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Gemini Calendar - my vision of calendar software

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by powell, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I think it would be easier and faster, if android agenda widget developer contacted me directly. Why don't you tell him to drop me email ? ;)

    Great idea.

    I will think about it. You do know, that it is possible to swipe to next/previous month on the month name area, do you? (see film I have attached above).

    Sure, I can do that. I did a quite extensive source code speed profiling in the past, but since then, many things have changed and many new function have been added. Maybe it is time to look at this again. My basic device is HTC Desire, but I have also access to the HTC Magic (the one with slower CPU), so I can test Gemini on it.

    Now about the nearest future.
    Right now I am preparing version which takes care of alarm sounds and notifications on the status bar when event reminder comes. First version will be a simple approach, but you are welcome to send me ideas, how to do that in a different way, that in other calendars. Maybe you have some special needs? Snoozing, reminder postponing and such things... Feel free to tel me, what you need.


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  2. Walton1

    Walton1 Member

    Hi Powell
    Love this app but trying to get a couple of things to work for me. I have created a Google calendar to get the ability to modify single events in a recurring string for changes to my standard work pattern of 6-on 4-off. My HTC Desire has picked up entries from my PC but it hasn't worked the other way. Could someone point me to the 'how-to' for this 2-way exhange as I'm not that familier with google stuff and all the 'help' pages seem to presume a knowledge of the basics.
    Secondly, I sometimes change from nights (22.00 - 06.00) to late shifts (13.00 - 21.00) but I can't change the date on linked events to show this change from an event covering 2 days to just 1. I also can't cancel an individual day in a sequence for when I take leave.
    Is this a limit of google or can you allow this in Gemini?
    Looking forward to the changes you've mentioned but I too like the current look. I have donated - keep up the good work.
  3. ASA

    ASA Lurker

    I've installed the Gemini Calender, and I think it's wonderful. It's easy to easy, love the UI, love the alarms, I even love the color. Thanks for all your hard work and responsiveness. BUT, it's absolutely critical for me to see upcoming events, at least two weeks in advance (but preferably a month in advance), in one view. I don't think this is an option, right? But, before I continue my search, I just wanted to double check this. Can someone confirm?

    I really do love this calender.

  4. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

    For now,I suggest that you use another widget such as calendar pad in addition to gemini
  5. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Newbie


    Still having a problem downloading Gemini, ie trying to find via Market!
    Please can you send me the apk so I can install.

  6. ASA

    ASA Lurker

    jae - thanks for the suggestion. I did install Calendar Pad and was slightly underwhelmed. I'd really like the capability of just using one app to view and enter data, and have decent alarms, and have a week/month agenda-type view. (Can you tell I'm a former "Palm addict"?). Maybe I'm being picky. I kinda feel like Goldilocks: "This one is too hot, this one is too cold . . ." I'm still looking for the one that's "just right".

    However, Gemini is the closest yet, and I really do appreciate all the work that has gone into making it what people need, especially compared to what is out there now.
  7. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

    I think that a lot of us on this thread, myself included, are former PalmOS users and DateBk users.

    And I too have complained about the lack of a single unifying calendar app (e.g., here) but have made peace with its unavailability, at least for now.
  8. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    Understood, but that is not the most intuitive way and doesn't seem to work so consistently for me either. Anyhow, thanks for your consideration! I am really hoping to see this turn into a 5 star app. If you could streamline the code and make it snappier overall it would help lots, I have a Captivate and even with the supposedly beefy processor it is noticeably slower than the default Google calendar app. That said I think it is definitely the best of what is available, and will send you a donation soon :) I'm happy to see you responding to our suggestions, that warms my cold little heart. Cheers!
  9. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    One other thing I find distracting, when I swipe in day view forward a day it will animate going the direction I sweep, but if I sweep in the other direction it uses the same animation. This makes it hard to tell if I am going back or forward, and doesn't fit the Android UI conventions. (Sorry I was a QA manager for a long time, I don't meant to be picky but just let you know how a user feels, trying to be helpful).
  10. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    Is there a way you can add an option to prompt save your events when hitting 'back' when creating them? I find myself hitting 'back' constantly and needing to go back and recreate the event.

    Or it would also be nice if the save/cancel buttons could be on the screen at all times like the default calendar.
  11. jae_63

    jae_63 Android Enthusiast

  12. braj

    braj Android Enthusiast

    Well I sent in $4 :) Most apps I only spend $1 or $2 btw ;) hoping to see continued development and improvements!
  13. meerbos

    meerbos Lurker


    Withthe Gemini Calender I sync with Google calender. Often I notice that items are not synced between Google and my HTC.
    Some items are synced. Whta can I change in the setting to get EVERYTHING synced?


  14. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member


    Thanks for a really nice and cool calendar.

    I have a small wish for the 4x1a widget. It would be really nice if you add the week number to the widget.

    And a "bug" in the swype month. When you swype to the left you go forward, and when you swype right you go one month back. It would make more sence if it was the opposite way.
  15. UKQuinny

    UKQuinny Lurker

    Powell, wicked app the best calendar by far. Says alot when you do a better job of something than Google!
    The only feedback i can give you is that i have had no problems with it and i think its ace. Im having a small problem but i think that may be me, in the first post in this thread is 3 pictures i have an HTC Desire and i would like you calendar to live on 1 of my home screens but as shown in the first and 3rd picture. IE month view at the bottom and agenda at the top. When i try to change the preferences the default view is greyed out and i cant change it.

    Please advise
    Keep up the good work
  16. Callindril

    Callindril Lurker

    Awesome Calendar App!!

    I moved to a Droid-X from a BB Storm, and the stock calendar app was one of the biggest let downs I had...This more than makes up for it...

    Donation is on the way...Ive bought about a dozen apps so far, and this one is the best Ive seen, and Im happy to send more for this than I did for any of the other ones!

    My only 2 suggestions/wishes would be:

    1. Swipe animation uses the same animation no matter what direction you swipe...a bit disconcerting...

    2. A widget that shows that beautiful month calendar all at once...just like the bottom panel on the main calendar screen, but as a widget...

    Other than that, Im very happy and impressed with this app...
    Thank you!
  17. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Newbie


    I really really want to use Gemini and leave a donation but can not downlaod via Market.

    Bit of info, I am in the UK, Network 3, using a HTC Wildfire.
    Have scaned the barcode on various websites and Market says the app is not found.

    Have used the links on this thread with not joy!

    Any ideas.

  18. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    @Vim Tailor: What device do you have?

    Tomorrow I should be done with testing of a new version of Gemini, with new features and bug fixes. Meanwhile, it has turned out, that Gemini does work on small screen devices (like X10 mini or Wildfire), but it is blocked by Android Market. I will have to do some work to change this situation, so perhaps I will temporarily put an apk file on the server to be downloaded.
    Fix for Samsung Epic 4g is also ready !
    Be patient.
  19. Vim Tailor

    Vim Tailor Newbie


    Bit naughty of Market to block!!!!

    I will watch this thread for your relase of the new version and Market unblocking for the Wildfire.


  20. DynaBMan

    DynaBMan Newbie

    Let's see if I can explain my problem. I am using the widget on the home screen, the one with the date to the left side. It shows my birthdays, events, etc. a couple of days in advance, but as soon as the day rolls around, when they would be classified as "Today's events", they disappear from the widget. I would have thought they would continue to show until the day was over. Maybe I am missing something, but I have been unable to figure this out.
  21. mohit247

    mohit247 Lurker


    After reading the reviews of your app, i downloaded it from market for my SGS (India). But after downloading, it is crashing everytime i try to open. I've uninstalled and re-installed many times but nothing improved. is there anything i'm missing? please help!!

  22. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Version 0.9.35 ready to download from the Market.

    This time a bunch of changes.

    1. Alarm tone selection, you can select the alarm tone from the list of sounds available in the system, the list is NOT limited to the notification sounds -you can select ringtone and alarm sounds as well,
    2. Add fast function - simplified Add New Event window, which is more suitable for users, who do not need advanced options. There are only most important knobs left. Let me know, what you think about it.
    3. Default reminder When added - - you can select the default reminder time, which will be set if you manually press the "plus" button in the reminder section.
    4. Deleting recurrent event - Only This- the last editing function which was missing in regards of recurrent events. This option is available only for events that were synchronized with Google Site!
    5. Recurrent event every 29 days - I have been asked for this, so I made it,
    6. Dots in Month View displayed only for NON all day events, as requested,
    7. Decrementing of end time is limited by the start time, as requested,
    8. Reminder 90 minutes before,
    9. FIX: Force Close on Samsung Epic,
    10. FIX: recurrent multi-day events were shown as a single day,
    11. FIX: repeat - until issues, on some systems there were problems with recurrent events with until options set,
    12. other minor changes,

    Due to the Android Market setup, Gemini Calendar is not available for small screen (320x240) devices like Samsung X10 mini or HTC Wildfire. According to one of the users, Gemini works fine on these devices, so it is only the formal limitation. I will take care of this in a future, meanwhile, I have uploaded the apk file of the latest version of Gemini Calendar to the server.
    If you own a small screen device and you cannot find Gemini in the Android Market, you can download it from there.


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  23. powell

    powell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree, Gemini needs a second gear now. I will focus on this in the near future and I hope I will manage to optimize code to make it faster.

    Well, this is an option I would really, really like to avoid... I have been always confused with applications, that save their data after I press the Back button. I have always thought of this button as Escape key, and most applications I own behave this way. However, I understand that some users may expect something else... I am really in doubt here...

    Please, try the latest version of Gemini (0.9.35). If something is still wrong, sent me email to bugs@gemini...

    As you may have noticed, I uploaded the apk file to my server, you can download the file. I do not guarantee, that everything works fine on your device, I have only a second-hand knowledge, that it may work fine. So try it at your own risk ;) (No worry, it will not delete your data). If you have any issues with Gemini, let me know.

    Try the latest version. If you still have problems, follow the steps I described here:

    How user can help developer to fight with bugs
  24. 28064212

    28064212 Well-Known Member

    Make it a user option so? I would much prefer it to act this way, I've often done out an event only to hit back and have to re-do it. It arguably isn't the most intuitive way, but it's the way the stock calendar acts which is where I got into the habit of it (before I switched to Gemini). Making it an option would be great
  25. judebert

    judebert Lurker

    I agree. I just lost a bunch of note data from school open house because I didn't see the save button under my keyboard and hit "back" instead. I'd be happy with auto-save, but I'll take an option in preferences.

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