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Gems of War guild looking for players

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by gemsofwarfan70, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. gemsofwarfan70

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    Hi there !

    A few weeks ago I've created a guild for the game 'Gems of War'. The guild name is 'Stones of War', we are still a small guild of 11 people, 6 slots are still open - at a certain guild level the max of 30 people can be
    achieved. If you like the game, maybe you wanna join this guild. Post your invite code, and I'll gladly invite you.

    This is a game like 'Puzzle Quest'. If this still doesn't ring a bell, imagine a much much more complex 'Jewel Quest' game, a portion of fantasy roleplaying, a portion of tactics, since you usually have four troop cards for their attacks/abilities. Even though this is a free-to-play-game, you benefit from investing a little real money into it. But it's not a must. Maybe give it a try.


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