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general Android suggestion for the developers

Discussion in 'Application Requests' started by FortKnox, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. FortKnox

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Please let me know if I should post this somewhere else:
    I don't know anything about the Android event model, or really anything about Android beyond being an end-user, but in a "past life" (pre-5-week-long-coma), I was a fairly accomplished Java developer, which left me with these fragmented nuggets, hope it's a useful idea.

    I would like the ability to have an application open on several of the left/center/right views, even if they're open full-screen and hiding what I'll call the taskbar, and be able to switch back and forth. ONE use case: Mathdoku (a KenKen game) & Calculator, but I'm sure there are MANY more reasons to have multiple applications open at the same time. For harder KenKen games, it would be nice to SEE, say, 235 / 6 = ? Okay, that doesn't help, let's see divided by 5.

    At the code layer, perhaps the "swiping sideways" event is thrown and is passed from Android to the application. (That may be a separate event (SwipingSidewaysEvent) or it's a base SwipingEvent with a Sideways property set to true or something, it's not like I know squat about it) The application may not care about about the fact that action has been performed (swiping sideways in either example application is ignored), and here's the suggestion: if the application doesn't consume the event, it's either (A) passed back up to Android automatically somehow, or (B) the event can specifically re-throw it to the previous entity in the handler stack.

    Now I would think (A) would be heavily preferred, as it doesn't require rewrites of any application code to add in re-throwing of events the application doesn't care about (fix it once, not many).

    Okay, that's it. Not being a developer now, I don't know if that's at all useful or total garbage, but thought I'd pass it on.


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