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Support General Consensus of the V?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spykez, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. chiPersei

    chiPersei Newbie

    I've had mine about a week and I'm havin' a blast. My hobby is astronomy so I've loaded about a half dozen astro apps. That'll keep me busy for awhile.

    Have fun.


  2. lizm

    lizm Android Enthusiast

    I came from Verizon/Incredible. This phone isn't the Incredible...I miss the Sense UI and I miss the screen resolution and flash on the camera. And Virgin Mobile doesn't yet support using Google Voice as my main voicemail.

    I also had to buy out of my Verizon contract - $260 for that. But I did sell my Incredible to ebay recycling for $205, so that wasn't too bad a hit.

    I am saving $840 a year...still have my most important apps...and in my area, Sprint/VM actually works in some places that Verizon does not.

    I am very happy with my choice.
  3. cklemmer

    cklemmer Lurker

    So I think the phone is great for the price, but the data coverage for me has been pretty poor. Not sure if this is the network or the phone. Any tips? I haven't installed much. I love the phone and the price, just wish I could get data at least half the time.

    Angry birds doesn't run that well - I get a lot of lagging from time to time.
  4. mcrow

    mcrow Newbie

    I'm loving my Optimus. I had a dumb phone and an Ipod touch 4G. The optimus does most everyting my dumb phone + ipod could do, in one package.

    I like the Android OS a lot better than iOS.

    Have had virgin for quite a while and had great coverage and very few dropped calls.

    3G is spotty at times (works probably 85% of the time) but I'm paying half the price of verizion and the like.
  5. Kilo70

    Kilo70 Member

    I have to say its friggin Awesome!!! I have only had dumb phones til now. I didn't think I would be this impressed with it ,AND the Virgin Mobile service at the same time.
    The price of the phone was right,and the Service price is even better.
    I'm liking the apps available and the customization features too.
    I had the usual hassle getting it to activate correctly and poor battery life,but this forum and a Battery Saver app has saved the day!
    I think im gonna buy another for my daughter. :)
  6. lou61166

    lou61166 Android Enthusiast

    I like it so far,i have been a Virgin mobile user since July,i had the Blackberry Curve but got fed up with the lack of use,it's a great phone for messaging,and Email,but everything else it falls short,so i made the Switch Monday,i have been using prepaid pones since 2006,i refuse to pay more then 100 dollars a month for service,hell i only pay Verizon 106.00 a month for Fios Fiber internet 25/25 and Ultimate HD,TV, which in my opinion is better then any wireless service.
  7. shellz786

    shellz786 Lurker

    I love it!!
  8. DBNissan

    DBNissan Member

    I wanted to upgrade my Sprint data-air-card to an android phone until I found out how much it was gonna cost me. I was paying $59.95 for just unlimited data to give ONE computer internet access while on the road. My plan was gonna go up to $109,95 for the android plan with hotspot capabilities :eek:

    Efffffff THAT!

    Then I discovered that VM had unlimited data for $25 and the Optimus V has hotspot capabilities! DONE! I could not pass up the deal to have an android PHONE/data plan as opposed to my data only plan at more than double the price! WIN!

    Now, with the savings in my plan, I might pick up a second Optimus :D
  9. MrTweaker

    MrTweaker Member

    I've wanted a smartphone ever since the Iphone came out but refused to pay over $1200/year to use one. I waited until now and I am glad I did. The phone for $150 is amazing. I have an Ipod touch 4 which cost $70 more and doesn't make calls. The V does almost everything the touch can do and many things it can't, for instance, listen to samples on Amazon's MP3 site. It's very solid, Android 2.2, and I am ecstatic over the purchase.
  10. longboatman

    longboatman Lurker

    It's a GREAT little phone! What amazed me after several years of playing with Android on my rooted G1 as a wi-fi and voice/text phone (= no data plan) is that this can be configured that way out of the box without activating it or playing with rooting.

    Sure, at their price I'll go ahead and activate it later and use their voice/text/data plan. But it is pretty incredible that it took only a couple of minutes out of the box to turn on wi-fi, connect to my home access point and download Quick Settings, Advanced Task Killer, Juice Defender and Skype from the Market. Skype then worked perfectly over the wi-fi for a long international call using the unactivated phone.

    Even if you bought it as a Skype Wi-Fi phone and Android app platform, never activating it, it would be a bargain!
  11. r00t

    r00t Newbie

    Very good phone for the price and plans. It's more awesome when you've rooted it and installed the latest CM7 ROM.
  12. hippid

    hippid Lurker

    well i have had the phone now for almost a month, and all in all i have had no issues. one of the only things is the data coverage. angry birds lags every now and then but i found if you just leave it alone for a minute it works perfectly fine. i have only had one night where it did not work properly, and i play angry birds everyday. everything about this phone is amazing. i would recomend it to anybody that would like a cheap droid that works.
  13. JohnACman

    JohnACman Member

    Like many other posters on this thread, this is my first smartphone. I had several friends jump out and get the Iphone or android phones when they first became popular. They paid through the nose for service. I couldn't see paying out that much money. Bought this phone a few weeks ago and quickly learned how to get around on it. I showed it to my high $$ phone friends and they could not believe I only pay $25 a month and get the same apps and service that they get.
    When I started having trouble getting 3G I found this site and it has helped greatly with that problem.
  14. Spykez

    Spykez Member
    Thread Starter

    the optimus doens't have a locked bootloader?!!?
  15. Centinel

    Centinel Newbie

    The Optimus V is technically not my first smartphone. I was on Page Plus up until recently and decided to spring on one of the many deals for a dirt-cheap Palm Pixi Plus to see how I'd like it. Well, HP broke their promise on the WebOS 2.0 upgrade and overclocking couldn't fix the fact that my phone was perpetually starved for RAM. Back it went.

    After a squabble with a Verizon employee over an ESN check request, I decided to completely cut my ties with their company and give Virgin Mobile a shot. I was worried about the coverage and whether or not I'd like Android, but there just weren't many other options in my price range.

    The Optimus with the $25 plan has been a literal revolution for me. I've got I want: low price, unlimited minutes (thanks to Google Voice & sipdroid)/texting/data, tethering (unofficially), and a very low radiation level. It's very snappy and I haven't even overclocked it yet.

    I haven't had a single problem with Sprint's coverage. I did have issues this week with 3G dropping off but everything seems to be working now.

    I paid $110 for the phone (counting the Target gift card) and the plan is $25 a month. Compare that to the subsidized price and $75+ a month you'd pay on postpaid and the value is staggering. I would absolutely recommend the Optimus V to anyone who wants to have it all :D

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