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General frustration

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LoopyD, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. LoopyD

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    EDIT: Sorry, mod please move to All things Root.

    So I am trying to see about getting the bootloader unlocked on the MetroPCS version of the optimus L9 Ms769.i I asked for help in the QandA section of those.... XDA forums and 179 views later no response. I feel insulted, yet at the same time my passing form many different forums here has led me to believe that just because it's a Metro, people don't care. This is overwhelmingly frustrating for someone like me that's rooted, hearing tumultuous different ways, but so far I tried that little oem unlock in terninal emulator, but of course it's never that easy. Before I go flashing European ROMs, fixing inverted screens and running a high risk of bricking this, I'd like to know rhe


    Way of unlocking the bootloader for the optimus l9 on 10d firmware running the latest Jellybean for this device.

    Some of the threads I have seen and the Google searches I have done tell me different things. This appears to be time consuming as well, but j would like to start this thread off for what can be done with what I have as stated above.

    And if it's inadvisable to do such a thing, some 2bd init would be useful to try out, but heck I want this thing UNLOCKED.

    Please, mindful wishes and accurate information I am looking for. Who has done it on MS769 10D?.

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  2. travioso

    travioso Android Expert

    I tried last night to no avail.. This thing is pretty much unbrickable from what I've found (can be time consuming and frustrating to restore but is possible in most cases) i tried the flashing the v20b_00.kdz (euro one) got the wonky screen and all that.. waited 30 minutes, tried adb restart oem-unlock twice with wifi on.. just a reboot.. managed to get EVERYTHING back to 100% with nothing inverted (even the initial LG logo/MetroPCS at boot) but not without a lot of cussing and patience. I posted over on XDA about using one of the CWM backups of one of the other ROMS as a base would work. (there is a cwm flashable fix for the inverted touchscreen) I am going to try again soon but waiting to hear back from them first hopefully to see about going that route.. Experimenting with all of it is definitely not for the faint of heart.. May try it again using modded v10d kdz like BobzHome mentions in the cm11 thread..
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