General hTC sense ui elements stripped or missing...


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What up with this?, on almost every hTC phone I've had came with the stock hTC flashlight (my favorite) and the fm radio tuner.
This phone has neither...
What gives?

It's there anywhere I could get the .apk's and install them?


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What ROM are you running? Or are you running a stock one (ICS or JB)? In other words, are you running a ROM with Sense or a senseless one like CM10 and AOSP?

Flashlight app:

Android Forums at

There are a couple of links for FM Radio application here but I am not sure which, if any, will work:

Htc Fm Radio .apk - Download

They're supposed to come with Sense UI, unless you installed a senseless ROM or disabled/removed Sense.


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The AT&T model doesn't have flashlight or FM tuner installed because for some reason AT&T decided that having actually useful things on the phone would make it difficult for them to push their stupid bloatware programs. (does it sound like I'm jaded? good)

Some other apps like voice recorder aren't visible in the sense launcher but you can see them with 3rd party launchers or by searching for the app with google search

If you don't have the AT&T model... well, then I'm not really sure why they are missing.


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Thanks y'all that's what I figured. I am well aware of carriers taking out stock apps to replace with bloat.
I have the att one x. Running the stock Rom, not rooted.