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General Question about GPS "Issues"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Puddin422, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Are issues the result of a software glitch, or is the phone not being picked up by satellites?? Are there GPS apps out there? Does that Google Maps app give directions?

  2. emuneee

    emuneee Android Enthusiast

    I have the Captivate. The GPS can "see" the satelites, but the phone just doesn't lock on to them. So you'd get very inconsistent & inaccurate location data that renders any type of turn by turn useless. It seems peoples mileage varies with GPS on the Galaxy S series phone, but the general consensus is that is broken and is a software issue.
  3. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Gotcha. Thank you! Good thing I have a Garmin to fall back on. :)
  4. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Android Enthusiast

    Not to worry, the "GPS" will work just fine, it's the aGPS that's messed up. Which is useless for nav any how. And a fix for that is in the works.
  5. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    Actually, reading the new reviews on the Epic 4G, everyone who tested GPS/aGPS says it is working great.
  6. MissJennell

    MissJennell Android Enthusiast

    The reviews say this is a non issue on the Epic.
  7. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Android Enthusiast

    Engadget says the aGPS is turned off by default and the GPS is working fine.
  8. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, but they mean you have to go into settings and toggle "GPS assistance" to on. Similar, to how you can toggle it on and off on the Moment.

    Originally they reported that they could not get a lock, so they called up Samsung, who reported that aGPS is factory turned off (Sprint requirment), so they went and turned it on in settings, and were able to quickly get a lock and after that GPS worked great.
  9. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Android Enthusiast

    Maps will give directions, but Google Nav gives turn-by-turn as does Sprint Nav It's a matter of personal choice as to which one you want to use. I prefer google Nav it has a 3-D effect that makes it look like you're flying above the route (satellite Mode Layer).
  10. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Android Enthusiast

    But I never use Wireless networks for location when in NAV mode. Just use GPS (much more accurate). aGPS is good for when You only need a ballpark like weather programs etc. With Radioactive Froyo 1.8.7 my moment is locking on virtually within a second or two. And it's accuracy is almost perfect.
    I can't wait to qualify for my Premier account upgrade in Nov.
  11. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    I was just saying that aGPS (it appears) is not a problem in Epic, as Engadget's update confirmed. Turning on aGPS for them resulted in a faster lock.

    I do agree though, aGPS gives a massive radius of accuracy, which messes with NAV horribly. Though usually after aGPS gets a lock, GPS locks in for a much smaller radius.
  12. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Android Enthusiast

    Whenever I have a problem getting a quick lock, I just start up GPS Test--That does it for me! But, I haven't even needed that lately. Comes from my old HTC Touch days.
  13. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    There is a huge definition gap between working and not working. Some people think that just because they get a blue arrow that it's working. I don't agree with this. It needs to be locked to 5 meters or less (you can press and hold the blue arrow to find out what the lock radius is). Otherwise, apps like golf GPS is worthless.

    BTW, I wouldn't trust the Engadget review too much. They're pretty dumb. They couldn't get the USB to mount on the Captivate and couldn't do it with the Epic. I mount my Captivate to my Mac all day, every day and it's easy as pie to drag and drop files.
  14. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    I totally agree that Endgadget is not very trustworthy, however, SlashGear and PcMag are also reporting GPS as working great.
  15. You still don't get it.

    So easily satisfied. Yet you don't have a Galaxy S phone in your hand.

    If you believe turning on assisted GPS works then why don't you make threads in the ATT Captivate and TMobile Vibrant forums and tell them how to magically fix their GPS issues.
    It's a simple matter isn't it!

    Put two and two together. If the Epic has such an easy fix....then why not this second tell Captivate and Vibrant owners to do the same thing and fix it. No more worries!

    1. You don't think those users have tried?
    2. You think those owners problems were solved or that they're satisfied?
    3. Very simple, tell the tech reviewers to take an Epic, use GPS Test, and report their findings.
    We all know at this point the Epic will have GPS problems. Stop living in denial.

  16. Android_J

    Android_J Well-Known Member

    If you look at the pics in the Slashgear review, it shows that WIFI is turned on. This can aid tremendously in triangulating the location for GPS. If they did test GPS with WIFI on, then it's an invalid test.

    With PCmag's review, they say that there's no HQ for Youtube. If it's anything like on the Captivate, HQ option is under a menu. So not very thorough reporting if this is the case and I wouldn't trust what they say either.

    Keep in mind that *none* of the Captivate reviews mentioned a borked GPS. And the Captivate was reviewed by all these same sources. And also keep in mind that all of the Galaxy S phones released months ago in Asia and Europe have borked GPS units as well so it's not like these reviewers didn't have a precedent. And I won't even mention how none of the reviewers caught the iPhone antenna issue until it was brought to light by users.

    I really hope that the Epic has a good GPS as it gives hope to other GS owners. But I wouldn't trust these reviews until it's in the hands of owners.
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  17. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    dietcoke has gone so crazy now that while copy pasting his one answer to all the threads, he doesn't even bother to delete the quote from another thread which he responded to earlier and then copy pasted the whole thing here. Oh no no, I am not trying to be another jerk to point out mistakes in other people's post, but seeing how he loves to point out spelling mistakes in other's typing to boost his faux ego, I thought this will help him see even he makes mistakes in postings.
  18. it.

    it. Well-Known Member

    I've tried to shut him up but he just keeps rambling on. Just let him do his thing. lol
  19. Adrift

    Adrift Android Enthusiast

    Guys, I think he just doesn't get it. I really like his determination though. He wants so badly for people to hate this phone, and now there are all these reviews saying how great the phone is. I bet this is really hurting him inside. Maybe we should see if he needs some moral support or something.
  20. SebastianX

    SebastianX Android Enthusiast


    Dammit, wrong Galaxy I knew I shoulda got one of those TomToms!
  21. taylormah

    taylormah Well-Known Member

    At least we are on the same side on this one :)
  22. http://androidforums.com/1392444-post20.html

    Samsung says the GPS issue is fixed, done, finished, no more worries.
  23. MissJennell

    MissJennell Android Enthusiast

    I am wondering why dietcoke can say the GPS is 'broke' on this phone when he doesn't have one in his hands either. He is basing it on the fact that he has a different galaxy s phone. So apparently because one has an issue all of them have to?
  24. Can you read? :eek:

    Samsung Galaxy S GPS-gate: two problems, not one (and what to do about it) -- Engadget

    You're like a person saying that four quadruplet sisters where two have breast cancer and who have a long running history of breast cancer in the family.....you're the one saying the other two sisters WILL NOT have breast cancer, WHO WOULD BE CRAZY TO THINK THEY WOULD?!?!? And this even as they have lumps in their breasts, lol. You'd make a fine doctor. :rolleyes:

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