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General questions, my first Android device

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iPhone User, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. iPhone User

    iPhone User Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi there,

    I just purchased my first Android device (well, technically it's the second one but the one I had before was broken so I ordered this one the same day instead) a few days ago. I've been using Blackberry OS and iOS devices so I'm a bit confused by some things available / not available in Android.

    So, first things first: my tablet is a P3110, Galaxy Tab 2.0 7" and it's running the pre-installed version of Android, so 4.1.1.

    I was able to answer most of my questions through Google but then again I have some more complicated questions and hope I'll be able to find answers on here.

    • How do I launch apps automatically when I start the system? I.e. Skype.
    • Will the tablet automatically go into energy conservation mode when I lock the screen?
    • How can I take screenshots? I tried like 5 or 6 shortcuts I found on Google and the "Screenshot Ultimate" app but nothing worked.
    • How can I rename files / folders through the file manager? All I could do was copy the folder / file.
    • How can I change the language in Google Currents? I'm living in France but like to read English / German newspapers. I tried the "Search for more" button but it didn't bring up any results.

    That's all I can think for now, thanks for your replies. :)

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  2. AnciusD

    AnciusD Android Enthusiast

    • My screen automatically turns off when I lock the screen. Check under the Settings>>>Security if yours doesn't ; not sure if this is a setting or specific to my model (GT-P3113)

    • Look under Settings>>>Display, there is a Quick Launch options for the Screenshot key. This is if you want to set the key as always available. It was the default when I got mine. It'll be the fourth key from the left on the bottom.

    • If you're using the stock file manager (My Files), select a file, then press the options symbol on the upper right and Rename.
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  3. iPhone User

    iPhone User Newbie
    Thread Starter

    1) Thanks - that's for one app only but it's good enough for Skype! :)
    2) Any ideas which one? I'd hate to go through several ones and play trial & error especially since I don't want to root the device.
    3) Doesn't work, I found that shortcut through Google. All shortcuts like volume up + power etc. are not working either.
    Edit 3) I just found another one, POWER + VOLUME DOWN. It's necessary to press them at the exact same time, even if the first one is being pressed a split second earlier it won't work.
    4) AnciusD cleared that up, my bad - it's indeed in the options tab.
    5) Just found it, it's not in the settings but the "Customize" button in the feed itself.

    1) Yes, mine does as well - I was just curious if it'll disable WiFi as well if I do. The iPhone does, for example. Not a biggie anyway. :)
    2) It's not there, I checked that before and again just now. All I can change there is

    • Background
    • Brightness
    • Screen Timeout
    • Font Type
    • Font Size
    • Show Battery In %

    3) Indeed, I must be blind - stupid question, sorry. :)

    I've marked open questions in red, maybe someone has an idea how to fix this. Thank you guys so much. :)
  4. jwither

    jwither Android Enthusiast

    I've been wondering if the built-in screen shot functionality went away with 4.1.1, now I think I know. It's present on 4.0.4.

    If you check your settings, there should be an option to disable wifi when the screen is locked. Well, in 4.0.4 it's there anyway.

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