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General questions thread/discussion (New to Android/M7?)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by c04vu5, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. The U

    The U Newbie

    Thank you sir. this did the trick. good looking out. 1 down........


  2. tommo47

    tommo47 Android Expert

    Hi, I might be able to help with your Yahoo email too. I have Yahoo set up in the stock app and it works fine. I'm sure it picked up the server details automatically. What problems are you having with your mail ?

    If you need to input them manually the settings I have are :-

    htc.imap.mail.yahoo.com. SSL Port 993

    htc.smtp.mail.yahoo.com. SSL Port 465

    Hope this helps. :)

    PS. Be patient, the One is a fantastic phone !! Well...I think so anyway :D
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  3. The U

    The U Newbie

    It only shows my emails from the 18th of this month in my inbox. nothing more. even if i go all boxes it still only shows from the 18th.
  4. tommo47

    tommo47 Android Expert

    Hi, if you go into the app menu --> settings --> sync, send & receive there is a download option that defaults to 3 days. There are options up to All.

    Hi The U,

    Hope you see this although you may have sussed it by now. You made a point about the calendar showing just 9, 10 etc and not month by name.

    If you go into main settings --> Date and time, change the format there and it is reflected in all appearances, including the calendar.
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  5. The U

    The U Newbie

    Once again thank you for your help gentleman. i guess this is a learning curve that can be overcome. the only thing im not very impressed with is the stock stuff it comes with that needs to be replaced seems to be a lot and i think it may be a lot of trial and error in finding stuff to replace the stock issues i dont like.
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  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    I did wonder whether it might have been an iPhone. To be honest a lot is to do with what you are used to. For example, I find the One easier to use than an iPhone. I find iOS frustrating when I use it (e.g. helping family members with iPads) because it seems so inflexible and some operations are so long-winded. But I know that part of my frustration is just that I'm used to doing things in different ways. They key to success is learning how things work (and with android there's often more than one way of doing something), rather than just assuming that what you are used to is "right" - I've had to make that adjustment myself more than once!

    Personally I'd say it's better to describe what you find awkward rather than just saying that something sucks, because the latter wastes time - people have to ask what it is that sucks before they can suggest a solution. And you don't have to replace anything, it's a matter of preference. For example, you don't like the look of the SMS app. If you install Chomp SMS then out of the box it looks very iPhone like, which I'm guessing you'd be OK with, though you can change it. Now I was using Chomp previously (except I'd turned the bubbles off completely and was using different coloured text on a black background for my conversations, so it actually looked quite different from iOS), but actually am now using the stock messaging app precisely because it looked different to what I was using before. And if I get bored then at some point in the future I can change it again. So there's no need to use a different app - it works, and many people are fine with it - but you can if you prefer something else. You have options :)

    I'd also note that many of the system apps are HTC versions - you'd get different versions on say a Samsung or a Sony. If you really want the pure Android version, you need a Nexus device (though the Google versions of some of these apps are also available in the Play Store).

    Launchers: well you can have as many as you want, but obviously only one is needed at a time. I just choose one, usually close all others (if you can't see them in the recent apps then settings > apps > all, select app and "force close") then don't worry about it. In the old days I'd have done all of that "wipe other launchers" stuff, but I've never bothered with the One - the system has enough resources and can look after itself fine, and even if it starts the HTC launcher in the background some time it will just be dormant and will drop out of memory because it's not used. I know for sure that other launchers are not using significant resources on my phone, so don't worry about them. I'd see how you get on with the Sense launcher, and if not then Nova or Apex are my preferred alternatives (they are rather similar in what they can do, both being based on the stock Android launcher, so one or the other is fine).

    I guess you mean the "app tray", which I think of as the "app drawer" (so I'll probably use both terms!). This is a big difference from iOS. With iOS all of your apps live one one of your homepages (either directly or in a folder). With android you can do that if you want, but it's optional. You can also have apps which don't appear on any of your homescreens. The app drawer is a shortcut to all of your apps, whether on the homepages or not. Ironically, it's one way in which the android UI is closer to a Mac than the iOS one: on a Mac you can put app icons on your desktop if you want, but don't have to, and you will also have an "Applications" folder in your Dock. Well the "app tray" is equivalent to that Applications folder. So you can just put the most regularly used apps on your homescreens, but have access to the others when you do need them via the app drawer. Some launchers have the option of hiding an app in the app drawer if you've placed it on the desktop, but personally I find that more confusing so never do that.

    In fact I'm an extreme case: I don't keep a single app launcher on my desktops. I have shortcuts to folders with my most important apps in a dock, and I have the app drawer for everything else, and only use my desktops for widgets (clock, calendar, music controls, system info, live train timetables, etc). Most people do keep at least a few app launchers on their desktops, some treat it like an iPhone and just cover their desktops with launchers. Some even treat their desktops as artworks and keep them mainly empty. I personally think it's one of the strengths of the Android system that you have all of these options, rather than having to use an approach that somebody else has decided is the best.

    Finally, I'm sorry to say I've never used Yahoo so can't really offer much advise on that problem (Edit: but I see that tommo has in the meanwhile! :))
  7. The U

    The U Newbie

    Thanks for taking the time to write all that, much appreciated. my email and VM prob are now fixed. ill look around and see what i can workout myself and ill use the advice here and give this phone a go. im pretty sure ill be back with a question or 2 but again for all who took the time to help i thank you.
  8. dgrobe2112

    dgrobe2112 Android Enthusiast

    The U.. i understand your frustration coming from iphone.. honestly.. when i use an iphone.. i feel like i am moving back in time.. its too simple.. sometimes to the point of dumb.. and when i say dumb.. why have a nice wallpaper or background.. and cover it up with all these ugly icons.. and folders.. after using android, i usually tell my iphone friends, give it a few weeks.. before giving up..

    i am like you.. i dont like the HTC messaging app. i personally use Handcent.. have from the beginning.. there are actual themes out there, that people have created to make them look like an iphone.. lol.. however.. it is 100% customizable.. the text style.. the colors of the bubbles, the main message list.. the colors of the text.. everything.. the height and size of numbers.. and letters..

    unlike iphone.. all of your apps are in the app drawer.. most apps, ironically come with a widget, of some sort.. you can put on your main screen.. remember.. android has multiple screens.. you can customize however you want.. my home screen, has the clock widget, and 4 folders.. one for games.. one for social, one for email, and one for music.. these 4 folders are at the bottom above my dock. the rest is a nice background.. however on my dock.. i got 4 things.. internet on the left, phone to the left center.. then handcent on the right center, and play store on the right.. thats all..

    thats the beauty of android.. if you dont like what it stock.. you can customize it however you want.. unlike iphone.. ur stuck with it.. if you dont like an app, either remove it.. or hide it if you dont want it showing.. you dont like the stock app.. get a better one in the play store.. you dont like the stock keyboard.. download any other keyboard.. have as many keyboards you want on your phone.. switch from one to the other in a second.. if you dont like the one you downloaded.. delete it.. keep it.. and try another one.. till you find what you like.. and make your phone.. yours.. customized how you want.. with your own shortcuts.. your own design, your own everything..

    everyone here is glad to help.. with anything you need help with.. there seems to be someone on this thread all the time.. so answers come quick as well..
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  9. HenryKrinkle

    HenryKrinkle Well-Known Member

    I'm having a problem sharing my photos via "HTC Share". This may be a Rezound specific problem so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum for the question.

    I like to share my photos from my One using HTC Share and always text a link to the gallery to my family members, nearly all of whom are running HTC phones. For some reason, neither the Rezound nor the Incredible are able to open the links in the stock browser. I've tried playing around with the advanced settings to no avail.

    I have, however, been able to get it working using Chrome on the Rezound phones (haven't tried on the Incredible).

    Now this is an extremely minor problem as I have the Chrome workaround. I'm posting this mainly out of curiosity.

    One would think that a web-based HTC service would work on a stock HTC browser. Particularly where the Rezound isn't terribly old and Chrome can render the images. It even works on my brother's iPhone 4.

    Any ideas?
  10. marctronixx


    htc share is just a link shared with the recipient. once you send your share from the phone it goes to htc's servers and the phone no longer plays a part in it.
    test with another device or even a random email to see if results are different.
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  11. TinCanFury

    TinCanFury Newbie

    When I want to "share" something a menu pops up that lets me choose amongst all the installed apps capable of sharing. However I see now way to select the order of these apps, so the ones I actually use frequently are not at the top, but dispersed through out the list.

    Is there a way to re-order this list to my own liking with Sense?
  12. marctronixx


    in the stock config, no there is no way to reorder.
  13. palancas7

    palancas7 Lurker

    Just got an HTC One and for the life of me I can't figure out a way to add more than 1 mobile phone number to a contact, because I can only see 1 mobile phone field with no option to add another.

    How do I do it?
  14. marctronixx


    when in the contact, to the right of the section labeled "phone" (or any other section other than "phone"), you should see a "+" sign. click that.
  15. palancas7

    palancas7 Lurker

    I did that. It lets you add more fields, but no more option for "Mobile". Only stuff like Work, Work Fax, Home Fax, Pager, etc.
  16. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member

    What service are you trying to sync your contacts to? We discovered a while back in this thread or a similar one that the options you get depend on what service you are syncing to...
  17. marctronixx


    sir/ma'am you are doing something incorrect.

    screenshot taken from a sprint stock non rooted 4.3 os'ed one.
    you can have more than one number--be it mobile, work, etc.


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  18. dgrobe2112

    dgrobe2112 Android Enthusiast

    my stock not rooted sprint.. has the option to add mobile.. not sure what your doing..
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  19. tommo47

    tommo47 Android Expert

    Adding more Mobile numbers is not an option in my Phone contacts either, it's not just palancas7, but the Mobile label option IS available when editing a Google contact. Custom option is also available. I've changed a few Phone contacts into Google contacts so that I can add more than one mobile number. Just send the phone contact to yourself by SMS or email and save it as a Google contact then edit it. You can delete the original contact if necessary.

    Reference to Google contacts was in a thread some time ago which is more than likely what GuitarG20 remembers.

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  20. palancas7

    palancas7 Lurker

    So, if they are Phone contacts I can't add more than 1 mobile?

    This is what I get.

    edit: Oh, that really blows then.

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  21. tommo47

    tommo47 Android Expert

    Well I guess it depends on how many of your Phone contacts you want to add more than one mobile number to. It only takes a couple of minutes to change a contact from Phone to Google and edit it.

    I only had a few so it was quick and easy.

    Or if you create a new contact you should have the option to select Google as the contact type. Just create a duplicate and then delete the original.

    I find having the Custom label option the most useful.

  22. loofah

    loofah Lurker

    Possibly a dumb question but is the stock keyboard the same as the Jelly Bean keyboard? I ask as I only have the one option where I was expecting two to choose from (HTC and Jelly Bean)
  23. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member

    Welcome to the forums!

    The phone only comes with the HTC Keyboard. You can download the google keyboard from the play store (i think you referred to it as the jb keyboard) if you want to use it.
  24. loofah

    loofah Lurker

    Thanks for the welcome and the info! It was driving me nuts - all the references about the jb keyboard but I couldn't see it
    I'll get it installed, thanks again
  25. rdwoody1

    rdwoody1 Lurker

    Is there any way to disable the SMS notification when you have the messaging app open?

    I'm a semi-long time iPhone user and I'm used to the quiet "woosh" sound it makes when you have a message thread open and receive a new message from that contact. If I have an active messaging conversation going on with someone, I don't want my phone to sound off with the full blown notification every few seconds when a new message comes in.

    Are any settings/tweaks or anything that can do this? If not, are there any third party SMS applications that can do this?


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