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Dnt know wht the big fuss was abt... My note 4 is rooted, tooted, and def booted


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I think it's not so much the rooting as it is rooting without tripping the Knox Counter and instantly voiding the warranty. Finding a root exploit that doesn't trip Knox is, indeed, like finding a needle in a haystack. But we have some very clever developers out there working on just such a needle :)


What variant do you have rooted

Same here,just joined the club,using this tutorial from XDA:

Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Install TWRP - XDA TV

At 1st,I was gonna wait for ANDROID 5.0 to roll out before rooting/ROMMING/etc....

Then,I began to wonder how long it might take for SAMSUNG/T-MOBILE to push that out,WHO KNOWS,6 days/6 weeks/6 months? :evil:

I said screw it,KNOX tripper & all.Now I'm rooted & got TWRP Recovery installed.

Probably will have a TOUCH-WIZ ROM loaded up by the weekend...... :)
i understand rooting voids warranty.. but if i do not install or flash any rom just debloat via titaniumBUP. will unrooting bring my waranty back?

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Rooting may void the warranty but I have talked to a t-mobile guy at a store and say u mess up your phone rooting or ur system crashes or what not. As I took it from what he said if there's no water damage and screens not broke they will give u a new one free is how I took it and he said on there check list they have it doesn't make them look to see if it's rooted or what ever


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Rooting your phone is perfectly legal. However it voids your warranty. So root at your own risk as it were. Doesn't mean you can't legally resell or exchange a Knox tripped phone.