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General tomfoolery with my HTC Hero

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rayna7314, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. rayna7314

    rayna7314 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay, I searched both here and Google and couldn't really seem to find my exact main problem. And I'm severely tech lingo inept.

    Main problem:
    I just noticed this, after two and a half weeks of generally enjoying the phone (except for the text problems which I chocked up to Sprint's network) that there seems to be some type of weird icon build up. I was going to edit a new scene (I currently have three that I use that I edited myself, I don't like the premade ones enough) and I wanted to move and remove some icons off my home screens. I noticed that it seemed that the icons selected weren't "moving" even though the ghost of the icon was. So I did a little test: I had a free space on the screen, and I moved my Browser icon to the free space. What happened was like when you stack four Ace cards on top of one another. If you move one Ace card, there are still three more to be moved. You get it? I can't explain it any better.
    Anyway, this happened with EVERYTHING. My calendar widget was no longer transparent--it was black, and I had to sit for ten minutes (I know, God forbid right? but it was annoying) and manually move four of each icon, widget, and general access point on my screens until there was only one of each. What causes this? How can it be fixed?

    Other things I've noticed:
    1) You gotta have some kind of dance ready for editing scenes. If you press the "back" button you delete everything you've worked on. And sometimes it won't automatically back out of "scenes" through the settings way.

    2) don't have oily fingers. I generally don't but I guess some got on my fingers and it caked on the screen to where my touch screen wouldn't work at all.

    3)Task Killers. I have TasKiller installed cause I get weird about memory usage. Can someone explain it in lamens terms or direct me to a part of the forum that is in lamens terms why they're bad or whatever? If you're a Linux Guru, I cannot understand you. Sorry.

    I think that's it, for right now anyway. I'd really appreciate any feedback (positive of course) about the main problem as I don't have a freaking clue about what to do.

  2. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    I am NO expert but here's a couple of thoughts for you:

    1. I have NO clue - I've been challenged by this, too.
    2. Don't mess with your phone if you've been eating cake with your fingers. Maybe you need to keep handy wipes in your pocket.
    3. This is easy. There's a Sticky for this: http://androidforums.com/sprint-htc-hero/26997-task-managers-your-hero.html

    Good luck! :rolleyes:
  3. romeosidvicious

    romeosidvicious Android Enthusiast

    I saw something about this on XDA Developers IIRC. I haven't experienced this bug myself, nor has my wife, but the solution was to remove the stacked icons. The reporter hadn't had a repeat from what I read. I think the problem was caused by a backup app and re-installing a backup but I don't know for sure. If it could happen with that it could happen in other scenarios.

    I haven't seen this one myself but I use a single scene and just change backgrounds. I am interested to hear if this is a common problem.

    The screen is oleophobic and sheds oil easily. Mine stays clean simply being slipped in and out of my shirt pocket. If that'snot enough get an eyeglass cleaning cloth, the ones that look like little chamois cloths, and gently wipe the screen. You shouldn't use any substance to clean the screen as even some of the stuff that's alright for LCD monitors won't be alright for your screen.

    My sticky at the top of the forum isn't in guru speak by any measure. I broke it down into as close as possible to laymen's terms. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me or post in the thread and I'll try to answer them for you.
  4. rayna7314

    rayna7314 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks y'all :) I was really just wondering about that main problem, but I'll update if it happens again :)

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