Dec 16, 2011
VM's site FAQ search leaves alot to be desired. Thousands of pages and the search still comes up empty.

1. If I pay my regular monthly charge early (before my official due date), does that reset my minutes early and change my next due date? Example, my due date is the 15th of each month, does paying early change that? Or will paying early not charge my credit card until the 15th?

2. If I use up my anytime minutes and top-up, how do I know what my top-up dollars are buying? Is it .10/minute? .20? I don't see anywhere on VM's website that clearly states. Or do they charge whatever they feel like at the moment?

3. I am not having my credit card automatically charged for the monthly bill. Will VM send me advanced notice that my monthly bill is due in x days? I don't see anything on my account where I can configure that as an option.

It seems to me specific behavior of their Beyond Talk plan is purposely vague to scare customers to buy more than what they actually use.
1. You can add money to your account at any time. I'm pretty sure you can pay early and it will not start your month over until the dues date unless you specify.

2. 10 cents a minute.

3. You will get automated texts from VM when you are running low on minutes (like you have less than 30. or something). You'll also get a reminder that your bill is due via text, if I recall correctly.
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