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Discussion in 'Politics and Current Affairs' started by Member243850, Dec 10, 2013.

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    Hi there everyone...

    Okay I hope this thread is not going to cause problems and hurt people's feelings ect but... I just could not help myself to make this thread and this is why it is really here. :)

    I am very curious...

    I am just faaaar far far too curious and I need answers. :)

    So please help if you can or would really like to shed some light on this very interesting topic! :)

    At least to me it is :D

    I am extremely curious and want to explore or understand something that is seriously interesting to me. :)

    Please try to not get upset with what I am saying - I am just extremely curious and what to try and undestand. :)

    I used hide tags because my post is the size of China!


    I couldn't help but notice something... many many many things actually :D .... I am a part of generation Y.

    Also known as Millennials generation.

    I think we are a bit of a really really really... "strange" generation.... scummy.

    A bit (very very very actually)... scummy actually I feel this a hell of a lot actually.

    Scummy is almost the only word that comes to mind when I think of my generation.

    There is 0 respect.

    There is 0 responsibility.

    There is 0 care or appreciation for what you have instead of what you don't have...

    It seems like it is never good enough for generation y.

    There is 0 intelligence to me - this is how I see it.

    0 intelligence.

    I feel like I did not fit in at all (and still don't) and really struggled at school to be accepted - I was very hated by everyone and I was totally rejected.

    it was very hard growing up with a lot of horrible people all around you.

    The teachers were awesome but... the students... not so much... and I am trying to be nice here...

    When I read up on wikipedia about how many of this generation have a very very very scummy narcissistic and scummy self entitlement attitude I was not surprised at all and I 500% totally agree.

    it said something about the "ME" generation and I TOTALLY AGREE.

    ME is all I can think of.


    That is the only word that comes to mind.

    You see kids scream when they are not given a free iPhone 4s or what ever the **** they call it child abuse or what ever insane bull shit they come up with for their foolish short comings... failures and refusal to deal with reality and be better than that.

    I am not like this before you ask.

    I despise this scary bull shit.

    I had a difficult... harder difficult role from my own family yelling at me when I did not want to watch the news because I actually hate it.

    My family made things very difficult for me even though I hate fighting.

    It was bad and I don't even complain about not getting an iPhone every 5 minutes.

    I was a very unusual one in this sea of trash in this generation.

    Sorry let me correct what I said about hating the news - I don't actually hate the news at all actually - I just cannot stand how it never fixes anything and no one ever does anything about the mess everywhere.

    In fact it is something I just cannot stand and being born and a part of this creepy generation I struggled 1 hell of a ******* lot to try and fit and accept it all.

    I was 1 hell of an out cast.

    i was very seldom accepted for who I am.

    Despised because I did not bow down and conform to them.

    I really struggled to be accepted because I saw things very differently.

    I don't like anything for free... even though it helps out at times to accept a lending hand even though I know I don't really want to deep down inside... but even then I always want to work for my keep.


    What I wanted to ask is are there any others out there that had a very similar experience?

    Are there any out there that have had different experiences from many older generations?

    I am extremely interested to hear what you have or maybe you don't agree with what I am saying as well - it is all cool.

    Cool by me.

    Maybe I am totally wrong and have no idea what I am talking about! :D

    hehehe :D

    I HOPE so! xD




    If you are not afraid or want to help enlighten me or maybe help me see a different point of view I would be extremely grateful.

    I want to understand what it is and why it is going this way.. or if I am just off my rocker. :D

    Do you feel the same?

    Or maybe do you see it differently?

    I hope I am wrong!


    Thank you for your time. :)

    Thank you. ;)

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  3. Member243850

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    Hmmmm.... a big part of me sometimes wonders if it we also were a very misunderstood generation... now that I think about it.

    I wonder.... very cool...

    I noticed a hell of a lot of us are also extremely ambitious and want to succeed... very much so.

    Maybe I am very wrong? :)



    This is also a very good article!


    Generation Y Characteristics & Traits of the Millennial Generation
  4. dibblebill

    dibblebill Android Expert

    I personally see nothing wrong with a "me" approach to life, so long as its done rationally. Which it typically isn't.

    I find it hard to disagree. I don't like most of my generation at all. However, the next generation is, in my experience, even worse.
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  5. big_z

    big_z Android Enthusiast

    If I want to be vaguely specific about my age, I will say I'm too old for Generation Y and too young for Generation X.

    Though the more I read, and the more I hear my mom (a high school teacher) talk about her students, the more I would like to petition for permanent inclusion in Generation X. Could someone point me to the proper authority for this?
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  6. Member243850

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    No worries!


    Well it is just a general thing sort of a rough look at certain changes in the world with the various generations that have come and gone. :)

    It is just an interesting topic and you can definitely see the general vibe of a generation - it is a very interesting topic to me and I like to see how this current one is doing and what our strengths and weaknesses are. :)

    Here is a link it says basically from about 1960 to about 1980 for generation X.

    I am Y.


    Generation X - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Why don't you wanna be a part of generation Y? :D

    There are also some things I HATE with them too believe me!

    But like all things in life there also some great positives as well. :)
  7. !on

    !on Android Expert

    Is it really about what generation we are? Are we on the inside looking out, or the outside looking in? I think the outside world, politics, everything around us shapes who we are, & things are not improving. In the longer term, the human race is finished. It's best not to worry about the distant future, but the immediate future. The distant future is like the weather; you can forecast it but it will have changed by then anyway.

    It's not our choice where we're born, who we're born to, or what major political upheaval before us has tainted our future.

    It's all about perspective, & that's just thought. Find the balance between good & bad, the human race does good & bad, there are people worse & people better off than us. What matters to all living creatures is survival.

    The only time I think of myself as a "generation" is when I have been in a place with my own kind. Most of them were strangers to me but I felt at home with them. Usually it is a common interest that unites people, at a certain time in your life (for me it was music & going out).

    You should refrain from using derogatory terms to describe yourself / your generation as you know there are some who are actual bad people who are more deserving of such terms.
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