GeniaTech ATV1000 Keyboard????


I've just bought myself a GeniaTech ATV1000 but my bargain is being a pain. The original owner didn't include a keyboard as (he said) he was using an 'airmouse' with it. I've tried coupling it to my phone, pad, microsoft bt keyboard and even bought myself a bluetooth mini keyboard from Maplins. None of them seem to work. The mini-keyboard has a pad on it which works but the mouse click doesn't work. Keyboard tab nor cursor arrows seem to work at all.
Help please?


I have the Diamond Multimedia AMP1000 version of the Geniatech ATV1000.

1.) Try 3 fresh AAA batteries
2.) You have to double-click the middle button of the mouse to activat it. The blue LED should then light up. The left mouse button should now select and drag. Clicking the middle button de-activates the air mouse to save power, and the LED goes dark.

If the above doesn't work, you've got a dead mouse.

My Logitech DiNovo Mini bluetooth mousepad/keyboard, with its own Bluetooth dongle, works fine on my AMP1000.


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Hi Jeff
The mini keyboard is a 'Palm Style' Wireless Mini Keyboard with Smart Pad. Its brand new and from the Maplins store but the instructions for it are terrible. It says in the description that the left tag and right tag are the equiv of left and right mouse buttons. but these don't seem to work in the Android Smart TV window. It seems to just go faded as though the buttons (on screen) aren't available.
I'm not sure whether its the keyboard or the ATV1000 that isn't working.