Geometric Puzzle from Mad Doc

Want to challenge your brain? Playing old-type logical puzzles, like 2048 ot match3, makes you bored? Try new funny puzzle from Mad Doc!
Geometric puzzle from Mad Doc is absolute new kind of brain teaser, it’s suitable for kids and for adults.
You should build a new geometric shape based on the other one, using tools which simulate a ruler and a compass.
Can you create an equilateral hexagon having only one of its sides? Build a tangent to the circle? Construct a pyramid of equilateral triangles?
Solve puzzles and help Mad Doc to implement his dream - create the best vehicle in the world – Pedal Horse.
You don’t need a deep math and geometry knowledge: even kids are able to solve this geometric puzzle. Nevertheless some levels take a lot of time to find solution. If some puzzle is very challenging for you just skip it.
• A new kind of logical puzzles available to everyone.
• More than 30 levels. Including hidden levels that you should find.
• More than 10 tools to solve puzzles.
• Each puzzle has a few ways to solve it.
• If you don’t know how to solve puzzle ask Doc for help. He will tell you about tools you should use and show the desired final result.
• Game is free. You don’t need to pay for new levels.
Attention: About threat of viruses. Application doesn't contain any virus, but have Advertisement, so some antivirus software marks it as "undesirable". You can choose: play free with ad or pay and play without ad.
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