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Geotag Pictures

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bradmatic, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. bradmatic

    bradmatic Guest
    Thread Starter

    So.. I've done a little background and a google search or two and can't find a thing about geotagging pictures on my SF.

    I would think.. well.. I assume it's possible.

    I have my gps on and fixed and there are no options in the camera settings that I can find.



  2. bradmatic

    bradmatic Guest
    Thread Starter

    OK. Enough tinkering I sort of figured that out.

    I'm using Camera 360 because I can't figure out how turn geotag on in the standard camera app.

    I'm heading out to check it out and see how accurate it is.
  3. Cuda52774

    Cuda52774 Active Member

    Sep 25, 2010
    Senoia, Ga
    What's the advantage of Geotagging.

    Let us know how it works out.

  4. bradmatic

    bradmatic Guest
    Thread Starter

    while the geotagging worked. it seemed to be that the location tagged to the picture was off by about 10-15 minutes walk. if you're familar with indy.. i was near lucas oil stadium.. but the picture was tagged south of i-70. then, when i was by the canal/west street.. it tagged my picture as being by lucas oil stadium. i verified that i had a clean fix.. and google maps getting a clean fix. i even did a battery pop.

    it needs some work.. i need to go and sit in my car.. get a great gps fix.. fire up camera 360.. snap a few with a good geo tag and see what happens.

    btw.. picasa web in the android market strips out my geotags.

    i'll keep updating.

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