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Get 2 Bionics? Or pay $400 for 2 Maxx?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by klflote, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. klflote

    klflote Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am about to upgrade the two phones on my family plan.

    Right now, the Bionic is free for upgrade for me; the Maxx is either $100 or $200 (essentially the difference being the extended battery). Since the battery in the Maxx is not replacable, I'd be more likely to get the $200 model.

    Do I bite the bullet on that, or will I be happy enough with two Bionics? I would get a second battery for each, so that part is equivalent. That leaves me with these differences:

    1) 4G/3G quality -- a lot of early reviews I read about the Bionic talked about dropped calls and bad experiences. That seems largely to have cleared up after the 905 update. So I think I am good here.

    2) Camera -- the camera on the bionic apparently is a big weakness, but that isn't really important to me.

    3) Screen -- I guess there are lots of complaints about the pixels on the Bionic.

    4) Processor -- slightly slower, but by all accounts, the UI is fast enough. I'm not a big gamer or anything.

    5) ICS -- Not until Q3 on bionic. [Hmm...on my fascinate, VZW promised android 2.2 in a few months after I bought it, and it took 9 months. Sigh...]

    With the possible exception of the screen, I can't see anything that would be a deal breaker. What really will I lose without ICS? Am I missing some obvious reason not to get bionics?


  2. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    First off, the RAZR MAXX IS the extended battery version of the RAZR. See Motorola DROID RAZR vs Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX | Android Phones

    1) Hardware-wise, they (BIONIC and RAZR / RAZR MAXX) are very similar, except for the screen type and the CPU clock frequency. RAZR uses a super AMOLED screen while the BIONIC uses a TFT LCD, Capacitive (qHD PEntile) screen. RAZR is clocked ar 1.2 GHz whereas the BIONIC is clocked at 1.0 GHz. Both have the same CPU, and in-house-developed (made by Motorola) LTE chip. RAZR does BT 4.0 while the BIONIC does BT 2.1. A few other (minute) differences - see Motorola DROID BIONIC vs Motorola DROID RAZR | Android Phones

    2) The camera on both phones operates the same way. Since the original 5.5.893 update in December, the camera is pretty quick, nothing like what you've read in the forums. Newer updates have not (IMO made the camera any better since that first update, but YMMV.

    3) It's on how you like it - I have no issues with the screen myself.

    4) See my comments above.

    5) Since both phones are very very similar, I foresee that the BIONIC's ICS comes out no more than a few weeks after the RAZR's does. BTW, this month (June) is the end of Q2 and July starts Q3....and there is no released ICS for the RAZR yet either, which only serves to strengthen my supposition.

    The basic problem with both phones is that they are dual-core-powered machines, but Gingerbread does not do dual core, only single core. I'm running a CM9 version of ICS on my BIONIC (requires being rooted, among other things) and I can tell you ICS Is every easily noticeably faster than GB on this phone, in almost everything I do. But, never fear, it's coming to the BIONIC soon enough as a regular, no root required download.
  3. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    Will you ever travel out of the US? The Razr Maxx will get official world phone (GSM) support from Verizon; so far, the Bionic has not been announced as having world phone capability unlocked.
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  4. sgschwend

    sgschwend Member

    I would get my hands on both and see how they work and feel. I was surprised when I tried the two that way, you may be too.
  5. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Android Enthusiast

    Your wording has me confused here. Unless I am mistaken, there's the RAZR, with a built in battery, and there's the RAZR MAXX, also with a built in battery, just lasts longer. There is no model of the RAZR that lets you pull the battery.

    As to your other points...

    3G/4G quality has been fine on my Bionic, although I live in an area where I have had full 4G signal from day one. If you live in an area still getting the network updated, your experience may differ. I've lost signal a handful of times but nothing that totally ruins the phone or makes me think it's a piece of garbage. This was a much bigger issue for people when the Bionic first came up but if you get a Bionic and get it up to date with all the over-the-air software patches and everything this problem has basically been taken care of.

    I love the Bionic camera. I haven't used a RAZR for comparison though. It takes great pictures. No it's not going to do great in all situations, you're not gonna be snapping quality pictures at a sporting event or anything where your subjects are moving around a lot, but for taking standard pictures, it works great. I was almost ready to sell my Sony digital camera because I was so happy with the Bionic, but I did then realize there is still a situation or two where I need the power and features of a real camera.

    The screen is always a debatable issue with the Bionic. When I was trying to decide what phone to get I was pretty much settled on the Bionic except the talk about the screen had me nervous. I decided to go to a Verizon store to see it in person, and while I was able to easily find a few situations where I could see the weird pixelization/blurriness that this screen technology suffers from, it's not like I walked out of the store laughing. It's still a beautiful display. When my Bionic first arrived in the mail, the weird looking screen did still catch my attention for a few days and I started to think I would never get used to it, but I quickly did. I've had my phone since February and the screen is now a non-issue. It's a strange topic to discuss because it's hard to describe in words. You talk about visiting a certain website and say the screen looks bad and it's hard for someone else to picture what you mean. I experienced that for myself when I was reading about the Bionic, which is why I decided to go see it in person. People online would talk about black diagonal lines showing up on the screen when you scroll down a website or getting a headache from looking at the display for too long and it sounded completely terrible. I needed to go see it to get a sense for myself. It's not so much that the screen has a major problem as much as a minor "quirk", sometimes when you're scrolling on a website or looking at a certain image the Bionic just displays it funny for a brief second. Playing games and watching videos always looks great, it's not an issue.

    The processor is fine, I've yet to be using my Bionic and think "darn I wish I had that extra .2Ghz of speed from the RAZR. And if you really want to match the RAZR all you have to do is root and learn how to overclock the Bionic. I've done it before and found it wasn't worth the trouble.

    ICS is pretty awesome, I've had a few of the unfinished ICS Bionic ROMs installed. It does have a lot of cool improvements but it's not really a night and day difference in terms of user experience or anything. As a matter of fact now I am back to my Bionic being stock because the ICS ROMs won't let the phone work with the Lapdock accessory I purchased, and it's not like I find myself missing the ICS rom all the time. It is nice though, the menus are streamlined, they've added some cool features, but the Bionic is slated to get it eventually...

    The ultimate question comes down to your financial situation, if $200-400 doesn't mean a whole lot to you then maybe go for the battery life and sooner access to ICS with the MAXX. If you're the average person needing gas money and everything else, there is not enough of an improvement from the Bionic to the RAZR/MAXX to justify the added expense.

    Also as I side note, it's a subjective thing, but sometimes even the Bionic feels too thin to me, especially when I take it out of it's case. It's difficult and uncomfortable to hold on to sometimes when you have this sliver of a device in your hands. The RAZR models are even thinner and it would probably drive me nuts, although slapping a case on it might make it more like the thickness of a Bionic. The thin size of the RAZR is touted as such a benefit but in my case, I actually wouldn't like it. I like having something a little easier to handle.

    The best thing you can do is go check them out in the store and form your own opinions. If you really just want to make a blind purchase without taking that extra step to go see them in person, I think you're fine with 2 Bionics.
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  6. klflote

    klflote Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the really great reply.

    About the batteries -- I meant to say that since the *Razr* batteries are not replaceable, I would end up getting the Maxx for the extra $100 (pretty steep price just for an extended battery...). For the Bionic, I'll just get an extra $20 battery and swap it when I need to.

    I will definitely check out the screens in the store, but 15 minutes in the store isn't the same as living with it. Glad to know about your experiences with it.
  7. I think handling them both is a must. You will know an awful lot when you pick each of them up for the first time.

    I prefer the Bionic and really don't like the Razr. It "feels wrong" to me. Many people prefer the Razr.

    The fact that the Razr has a case that allows the battery to be changed (there is even a plastic tab under it to make removal easy) and Motorola/Verizon shellacked the cover so it couldn't be opened ... simply absurd. It is their experiment to see if the public would accept a non-removable battery.

    (There is a video floating around where someone violated the warranty and opened his Razr.)

    ... Thom
  8. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried the 2760 mAh extended battery from VZW? It adds a bit of thickness to the phone, which sounds like it might be a benefit for you. Plus, it adds a ton of battery life. Right now VZW is offering the battery and door for half price, $25. I just ordered one.

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