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Mar 30, 2010
Denver, CO
I am currently using the Droid Does ROM and clearly I am one of the very few people who actually uses the Amazon MP3 app, because it is removed on every ROM I've tried with the exception of KaosFroyo. Is there a way to get it onto a ROM? And if so, can someone please provide me with the link to DL the app?

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better question, why the hell would you want to put it on your phone?? haha jk man

Haha, well music is pretty much my life. I don't know, its just a good, legal (not my main reason) way to get music. Plus, I'm guaranteed to get the full songs, at a high quality bitrate, with high-res artwork. I have no problem shelling out $.99 for that. I see it as no different than having iTunes on an iPhone... just a necessity for any true music lover to get most out their phone.