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Get Jellybean features for ICS - Rezound

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by obscuro, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. obscuro

    obscuro Well-Known Member
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    I just got Google Now working on my Rezound. :p All of the below tips work with any phone, although google now requires a custom recovery, and therefore, root. Google Now also requires an armv7-based processor, which the Rezound and many other recent phones have.

    Check it:

    Google Now flashable zips with Noob-friendly instructions [XDA]

    ^^^^ Voice search does work, just follow the instructions. Google Now can integrate with google.com, Chrome/Internet, and many apps on your phone.

    [8/07] Commands & Now Cards For Google Now!!! Video, and custom widget. [XDA]

    Nova Launcher Updated to Beta 3, Merges with the Jelly Bean Hotness (droid-life)

    Nova launcher homepage

    ^^^^ New beta of popular launcher replacement is based on Jellybean launcher code. This changes the behavior of the home screens, notification bar, dock and app drawer. It does not change the theme of your UI (ie some apps will still look like Sense.) Nova (and a similar launcher, apex) both allow for a lot more customization than the stock sense launcher. (ex. you can have multi-page docks accessed via swipes, and more than 4 icons per dock)

    Holo Locker Brings More Jelly Bean Goodness to Your Devices (droid-life)

    ^^^^ Personally, I like the Sense locker, but this locker from the makers of Holo Launcher (ICS launcher for Android 2.2+) is based on the Jellybean locker.

    [APP][4.0.3+] Jelly Bean Keyboard port - Beta 1.2 (Update July 16)

    ^^^^ This is an ICS port of the predictive keyboard that comes with Jellybean, it tries to guess what words you are trying to type and what you may type next by using your previous input. Swiftkey, a market app, works on the same idea with its own predictive engine.

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