Help Get wifi passwords from Desire S to HTC One


OK - before you answer please bare in mind I am a complete novice!!

Have Desire S and just upgraded to HTC One and I want to retrieve/transfer the wifi passwords I already have set up. Everything else got sinc'd during the setup but not these

1. On Desire, Settings > Privacy > Back Up My Settings and Automatic Restore - these have always been ticked for as long as I have had the phone

However, I can't find where the hell in Google I actually get to any backups!

2. HTC One - again, I can't find out how I get into Google with this phone to download the backed up passwords!

I've heard about Titanium but what does 'Root Phone' mean - how do I do this to the Desire and what effect will it have on it?

Sorry if I'm being an idiot - I'm not really but have just looked everywhere on both phones for a backup app!


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Google backs up into the cloud. When you sign into to the one with your Google account the magic begins


They should have WiFi passwords are backed up