Getting a new phone question, What to do?!


Okay, I've had my EVO 4g since September, I know I am not elgible to get a upgrade yet.
But I have a question about getting a new phone or having them replace my old phone.
My EVO has been acting up ever since I've got it! Its such a pain. It will have random reboots and then after it would, it would send messages to people from days or sometimees weeks ago! also it does that when it dies too.

I'm not really sure what to do. I don't think Sprint would replace this phone if I went to the Sprint store, but I plan to go to a store and ask about it.
Or another option is to buy another phone. What would happen if I just buy a new phone (from the store or someone I asked said I'll need to create a new plan with it.

Any opinions or suggestions???
thanks a bunch!


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Before spending more money, let's figure out if it is the phone, or the combination of apps installed on it, or your account. It is not clear how the phone could be sending text-messages when the phone "dies".

Have you posted/read comments from other Evo 4G users at HTC EVO 4G - Android Forums ?

In any case, first, backup all your data on the phone.
Second, Factory reset the phone.
Since, the problem is mostly text-messaging related, do not install any other apps except the app you use for text-messaging. Use the phone for a few days and see if the problems persist. Also, try a different text-messaging app before concluding it is the phone.

If you still have the problems, especially about text-messaging being sent when the phone "dies", call Sprint Tech Service.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you!
I don't use any other app for texting, its just the stock. But I have backedup everything on it and done that reset before and I'm still having issues.
I plan on going to the sprint store this friday and seeing what my options could be. I have random reboots too also my phone has froze before several times.
But I'm gonna see what sprint can do for me..I'm hoping they Will replace the phone but I don't know what Will happen.