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Getting Applications outside of "Authorized" Countries

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Mr.Wiggles, May 26, 2010.

  1. Mr.Wiggles

    Mr.Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Since switching over to a Local china Carrier I find myself only being able to use the China version of the app market......which leaves whole warehouses of room to be desired.

    Problem1 - Many free apps are "paid" apps in China Market
    (ringdroid for example)

    Problem2 - Not event a 10th of the selection on the regular market.

    Problem3 - Everythings in Chinese

    Ive already found Slideme, and AndAppStore and have been using those for some apps, but they dont feature many of the apps I'm hearing about on these forums.

    What other ways do I have to get the apps on the normal android store?
    -- Do i really neeed to get my buddies in the US to download them and then send me the .apk file?

    That seems kinda ridiculous..

    Anyways, after some digging I found this site:

    Which apparently contains a mod that allows you access to the regular app store, but I'm a bit nervous about installing this....

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  2. jev

    jev Well-Known Member

    No worries, market enabler works fine - but needs root! If you do not have a rooted phone, it won't work.
  3. Mr.Wiggles

    Mr.Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Cheers for the recomendation.
    However the link is broken (error 404)
  4. Celox

    Celox Well-Known Member

    Market Enabler requires ROOT acces!

    market-enabler - Project Hosting on Google Code

    MarketEnabler_latest.html - market-enabler - MarketEnabler v.3.0.8 (fixes issue #21) - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Use the barcode scanner or click on "marketenabler_latest.html"

    It will take you to megaupload or rapidshare to download the html file. The html file contains the download link for the apk

    Once you got the apk on your computer, transfer it to the SD card and open it with a file manager (like ASTRO or estrong)

    It will install and you'll be able to acces the market (by opening the app and 'fake a provider' first.)

    This will only work if you have a rooted phone :)
  5. Mr.Wiggles

    Mr.Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the detailed instructions:
    - I have rooted my phone

    I'll have a go this evening once back from work.
  6. Mr.Wiggles

    Mr.Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    so dloaded the .apk and installed it.

    checked the "shop 4 apps" market place.......still china'fied.

    went to market enabler, went to setting list, long tapped [us] T-Mobile, clicked "fake this provider now"
    --- allowed superuser access
    --- watched the "we are faking T-mobile" status bar fill to 100%
    --- waited for 10 mins while it sat there at 100%...
    - waited another 5 mins, still at 100%


    pressed back and tried again, with Telstra, TIM and 3 other providers, same story.

    app seems to hang at the 100% mark and I still am stuck with the "harmonized" application market
  7. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert

    I can't download it. That "downloaded.to" site doesn't seem to work right on my pc or on my phone. WHEN I manage to obtain a file, it's corrupted. :(

    Could anyone upload it as an attachment here? Thanks...
  8. Mr.Wiggles

    Mr.Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It took a couple tries, but I got it working eventually.
    the download I mean.


    now it finishes "faking the provider"
    but no difference in the market.

    Would the mods object to people just uploading .apk files to a fileshare site and posting the links?

    My wishlist -- (free ver. only!)
    - Ringdroid
    - Advanced Task killer
    - pdfviewer
    - Astro Filemanager
    - Layar
    - Google Sky map
  9. Mr.Wiggles

    Mr.Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all the help guys,

    Follow the link for a multi-rar file dump of most apps available on the market.
    Android Apk - Download

  10. broken_bkade

    broken_bkade Lurker

    after i have rooted my phone and install the market enabler I finally can see paid apps in the market but when i try to purchase them, they will need me to key in my credit card along with my details.

    The problem now is can we bypass this step but still pay for the apps because the my country is not listed in the selection list.
  11. kevin@teslacoilsw

    kevin@teslacoilsw Well-Known Member

    You can see if you can add your credit card to your google checkout account from the http://google.com/checkout site on your computer rather than phone.

    Also you can email the developers and ask if they'll let you pay via paypal.
  12. Trident

    Trident Android Expert

    As you can see, I removed the link in that post.

    Please be aware that any threads or postings which containing links to applications still in beta or that are not openly distributed to the public as well as any other warez are considered illegal and marked as spam.

    These types of threads/posts will be deleted and infractions/bannings will be issued to members posting links to such application files.

    The distrbution of such applications except from the developers themselves is illegal.

    It is against our policy here at Android Forums to allow posts, links or even mentions of how to obtain applications not intended for public use.

    Android Forums is a strong supporter of the developer community as well as the legal system and we take things of this nature very seriously.

    We rely on our members to help police the forums and report threads that have been deemed inappropriate and/or against forum guidelines so please continue to report them!

    Please consider this a warning. I will not hesitate to issue you an infraction next time.
  13. sisbell

    sisbell Newbie

    Asking to pay devs directly is pretty common, another way is asking the dev to upload to alternative markets which support payments. I know AndAppStore is one that manages sales through paypal. So this is the first place I'd check.

    I also recently launched ZappMarket a facebook app for selling Android Applications, so you could prompt the developer to upload there. A dozen different payment options, including paypal and even offer walls, allowing you to get the apps for free.

  14. GoofyG28

    GoofyG28 Newbie

    Try buying a cheap US-based SIM card from eBay. I'm from the US but living/working in Singapore. I only get access to free apps, but even that selection is limited compared to the US market. One day, I put in one of my old SIM cards from the US (no longer active), accessed the market via wifi, and BAM! I see paid apps and many free ones that weren't there before! The only thing missing is the Top Paid App tab, and I have to re-insert the US SIM card everytime I want to update any paid apps.
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