Help getting email in htmp code format after upgrade to 2.3.4 from 2.2.X OS on Samsung ACE GT S5830

Device: Samsung Ace GT S5830
Carrier: Vodafone
Country / Language: India
OS / Browser / build number (if applicable):2.3.4

Hi All,
I have Samsung Ace GT S 5830 phone. I have configured my corporate email using Microsoft active sync using default email client come with phone via setting ->Accounts-> add new account. I was running frayo 2.2.X version till today. My email app was working perfectly fine with frayo code.
I received update firmware message on my pc while connected phone to my pc using Samsung Kise phone management software. This firmware upgrade updated my phone android os to 2.3.4 (Gingerbread).
All apps are working fine post upgrade. Only one issue i notice in my email client. Any email i have received post upgrade are seen as native html code as well as i can see entire smtp header of email.
With frayo i used to see from and to information and actual email content similar to ms outlook email view. After upgrade i get email which start with entier SMTP header info like sender email server name\ip. My email server name\ip. email message shows in html tag like <p> message test </p> etc.
I am downloading complete email and even reconfigured email settings. Still i can see html code like email.
Is any way to change email view to HTML from text only mode?
Appreciate your quick response.