Getting iTunes videos to play

I've loaded my iTunes music onto the Rezound and have no issues playing them. I've had them on the sd card for months now. The easiest way I found was to drag and drop from the iTunes playlist into a folder of the Rezound.

However, I can't seem to get the mp4 videos from the tv shows I purchased to play. It gives me an error message about not being able to play them. What's weird is I have some music videos that play just fine, the trouble seems to be it won't play the tv shows.

I was using the stock media player, then tried the moboplayer which I read could play any format. Yet it has an error with these types of files also. As I said I got a music video from iTunes in the mp4 format which is fine.

My itunes files do not have DRM protection on them which Apple use to lock on there. I'm kind of banging my head on the wall with this one.

Any ideas? Thanks....