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Getting Paid Apps in Unsupported Countries

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UniqueProblem, Sep 18, 2011.

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    After trying every avenue possible reading every thread I could I still had trouble downloading paid apps on the Android Market. Changing SIM cards, running different proxy avenues to bypass the countries ip addresses even Market enabler it self was not helping alone until the only conclusion I came up with was the carrier blocking my access. It was a multiple of a collection of 3 steps that I had to do so I can get paid apps.

    *Not sure if these steps have been suggested before.

    Step 1:
    Hold the power button until a pop up menu appears.
    Switch Flight Mode ON
    Switch Wi-Fi ON

    Step 2:
    Download a Market enabler.
    (I use this app) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.notenking.mf&feature=search_result

    Step 3:
    Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Market
    Click to uninstall updates

    Step 4:
    Open Market enabler and pick a carrier to fake. It will then prompt you to access Market click yes and you will need to install Market again. Accept.
    I picked Cyprus Vodafone because I live here but I live in North Cyprus which our Pipelines and Carrier runs through Turkey which is not supported and not knowing when it would be for paid apps on the Android Market.

    That's it, once you click back to get into the Market it will ask to accept so it can re-install the app.

    The only issue I found that once I exit the Market and want to go back into the app it will ask to accept and update. Now I try this a few times sometimes I would see the paid apps still displaying and other times it goes back to showing me only free apps. So I had to repeat Step 3 again. The solution out weighs the issue so I am happy to be able to get my Titanium Backup Pro. :)

    See how you go.


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