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Getting really fed up with everything being so awkward

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by slugger09, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. slugger09

    slugger09 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Everything seems to be a major task, I appreciate there is a bit of a learning curve with android but I sometimes I just want things to work without much thought:mad:

    Today I thought I would download google listen for my Podcasts, when I launch I get

    Listen requires a gmail account to sync with reader.google.com please add a new account in system preferences

    I have searched around and no cure.

    I then went to marketplace and came across MyPod, it doesn't find any of the podcasts I want and I have to manually add everything and then it just buggers about.

    So in the end I thought right i'll just download through iTunes as normal and transfer over, I came across TuneSync which apparently can do it wirelessly, great I thought so installed the app on phone and on PC and opened iTunes, the phone searches for my PC but in the end doesn't find it, I play around with settings but again give up in the end.

    So then onto Easy Phone tunes, again installed on PC and phone and copied over what I wanted, it was going great, went onto the phone to check I don't know where it copied but it didn't copy it to my phone, had another play around then just gave up.

    So connected the phone and just decided to copy all over, it turned out a damn hash with no sort of order:mad::mad:

    I just want it to work, I want to go into a Podcast app, search for the podcast, it finds it downloads it into like a Podcast folder, I don't want to have to enter long rss addresses, Even my Nokia can manage to do this with no trouble.

    And on transfering tune I want to say create a folder on the memory card for say Dance, put all the dance tunes in there and away you go but this all seems to simple.


  2. Ceefax

    Ceefax Well-Known Member

    Never had any problems with Listen, gets the podcasts just fine and logs in ok. Do you have a google mail account registered on the phone?

    As for moving songs on the sdcard, it really is easy as pie. You connect the phone to your computer, click on 'usb connected' in your notification bar and then 'turn on usb'. You'll get a prompt on your computer, open up the drive, copy files to whatever folder you wish (easiest way is to have a 'music' folder than all the different ones in there you want). Turn off usb when transfer is done, open music player and listen.

    I don't use itunes as I don't agree with all the crap apple puts on your computer with it so unfortunately can't help there.
  3. slugger09

    slugger09 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have google mail registered.

    Yes I did that but there is no organisation, just a load of random song,

    I came across DoubleTwist, The phone app is excellent, everything nicely organised, However the PC software is totally shocking, Its an iTunes knock off but it is so slow, I mean an iphone takes a couple of mins at most to sync, this could take 20 mins
  4. Ceefax

    Ceefax Well-Known Member

    Strange, do your files have the details (i.e artist, album song etc) on them? I know mine get it when being ripped so on music player you can go through and find the artist or w/e you want quite easily.

    It's perhaps something itunes does with the file name/info if they're all from there that makes it a pain to use with anything other than a ipod/iphone/ipad. I do think atm that's one thing the 'apple' expeirence has over Android, in that they have an established media playing/distribution system that works very easily with their own devices and can be a pain with others.

    When you get Listen requires a gmail account to sync with reader.google.com please add a new account in system preferences is there any icon in your status bar? I take it adding it in preferences doesn't work too?

    Quick search in google for 'using itunes with desire' gave this link at the top, dunno if thats any use? Or is that the tunessync you tried?

    Another one here called iTunes Agent

    And here is a guide to using the new htc sync for it.

    I hope they help.

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